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Published:March 8th, 2007 02:41 EST
General Hospital: A  Liaison Proposal

General Hospital: A Liaison Proposal

By Garrett Godwin

On General Hospital, Jason Morgan finally knows that he is the father of Elizabeth Spencer's baby, and he asks her to marry him -- again.  However, Jason (Steve Burton) asked Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) last fall, even when he wasn't sure he was the father, which he is. Though they're with other people, Jason wants their child to have a family and is willing to raise the baby with Elizabeth, who remains conflicted.  As much as part of her wants to say yes to his proposal now that she's in love with Jason, Elizabeth can't marry him, leading to the three questions she asked last fall when he proposed for the first time: 

1. Would it be a marriage of convenience?

Though Jason and Elizabeth would get married because of their child, Jason still wants to do the right thing as well as what's best for Elizabeth, himself, and their baby.  He wants to help anyway that he can because Jason wants to take care of Elizabeth due to the fact that he wants to.

Their marriage would start out as a convenience, but like most super couples such as Zach and Kendall (All My Children), the couple slowly soon discovers that they're falling in love with one another and will try to fight it, but in the end, will admit how they feel for one another and be married -- out of love, this time.

2. Would Jason & Elizabeth be roommates?

They would live together, and Jason would make room for Elizabeth, Cameron and the baby in the penthouse.  This two have been best friends for years, and get along well.  Jason and Elizabeth trust each other and can confide in one another about anything.  Plus, they would have more time playing pool again.

3. Would they be a couple?

Not only do they completely trust one another, but they can also be themselves when together.  Jason and Elizabeth have a relationship that is based on qualities such as honesty, friendship, respect, and love.  What happened between them last year were two souls becoming one, and a life was conceived.  Though they never say "I love you" to each other, Jason and Elizabeth truly love one another by how much they have meant to each other, the way they look at one another, and the sweet yet sexual tension between them.  Actions do speak louder than words.

But will Elizabeth still marry Lucky, or will she and Jason tell the truth?

Will Elizabeth tell Jason that she loves him?

These answers and more questions will be revealed when you continue to watch Liaison on General Hospital everyday and night on ABC and SoapNet.