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Published:March 8th, 2007 13:36 EST
GH's Sonny & Jason: Handsome and Anti-Heroic

GH's Sonny & Jason: Handsome and Anti-Heroic

By Garrett Godwin

They are two of the sexiest and dangerous men in Port Charles that breaks laws and steals hearts.  Dark, brooding, and intense, they are the ultimate bad boys with hearts of gold. 

You know them as Sason, but you really know them as mob boss Sonny Corinthos and his best friend/enforcer Jason Morgan, the main antiheroes of General Hospital.

Loyal fans criticized GH for portraying criminals as heroes of the soap due to the amount of focus the writers and producers put into them.  Whereas Sonny (Maurice Benard) is the show's Al Pacino, Jason (Steve Burton) is the series' James Dean.  Sonny and Jason are bad guys, but they're not complete villains or evil.  Though they're noble criminals, this duo are define as General Hospital's antiheroes.

Despite their lifestyle and the crimes they've committed in Port Charles, Sonny and Jason are strong, silent, tough, loyal, brave, protective, honest, and resourceful.  These two have their own code of honor and chivalry as well as their own sense of right and wrong, defending their acts as justifiable to protect themselves, their business, and the ones they love -- so they won't go to jail.  Sonny and Jason have redeemable traits such as being a loving father, husband, and friend.  GH writers and producers allow fans to see them as flawed, complex, and layered human beings, knowing that they do have humanity because at times, they do show compassion, mercy, and can respect and love a woman. 

Though capable of breaking hearts once the excitement is over, Sonny and Jason are the bad boys women can't bring home to meet their parents.  However, you can't turn your eyes off of them or resist them when you are looking them in the eyes.

Watch Sonny and Jason as the lawbreakers, bad boys, heartbreakers, and antiheroes of Port Charles everyday and night on General Hospital on ABC and SoapNet.