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Published:March 8th, 2007 16:31 EST
See the 3rd webisode of JOHN BASEDOW on YouTube!

See the 3rd webisode of JOHN BASEDOW on YouTube!

By SOP newswire

JOHN BASEDOW TV, a co-production of Q Creative Group, Bazaar Films, and Schipperke Productions, launched January 2007!

Fueled by the creators’ desire to create a show that is both helpful and entertaining, JOHN BASEDOW TV is a unique reality show that provides a rare mix of inspirational and comedic elements.  Cameras take viewers behind the scenes into the life of Fitness Celebrity John Basedow, whose American dream-come-true success story led him from starting out in his parent’s basement to being called a “pop culture icon” by media including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The National Examiner.  “I’m living proof that anyone out there can accomplish their dreams as long as they believe in themselves,” says Basedow.  “I couldn’t have even imagined some of the great things that have happened to me simply because I didn’t quit and I feel blessed to be able to share whatever I’ve learned to help other people achieve their goals as well.”

JOHN BASEDOW TV is a “feel good” show that delivers John’s positive message for your body and mind…in a creative and engaging way.  Building on John’s nationwide popularity from the Fitness Made Simple television commercials and videos, which have helped to improve the lives of thousands of men and women, JOHN BASEDOW TV will start out as an entirely internet based program.  Short 7 minute “webisodes” will appear exclusively on broadcast sites like Myspace and YouTube. This innovative approach was decided on by the partner companies, who believe it will be a precedent setting trend in the entertainment industry.

“The internet is quickly becoming the #1 entertainment medium,” says Jarett Bellucci of Bazaar Films.  “It ends the need for ‘appointment viewing’ since programs are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  You decide what you want to watch at any given time and you’re not limited to established network options…plus John already has a strong web-oriented fan base and amazing recognition.  As you can see in one of our first promos this guy can’t even walk through a mall without getting mobbed.”

Basedow adds, “Convenience is key to getting a dedicated viewer ship, especially considering today’s hectic schedules, and there’s no more convenient broadcast outlet than the internet.  It’s a potential multi billion viewer worldwide audience.  It’s also the best monitoring source for advertisers to see who’s watching your program.  The numbers are real unlike traditional TV reporting figures that are based on “guess-timates” from the one in several thousand people who has a ratings box.  This show is breaking new ground and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Promos for JOHN BASEDOW TV can now be seen on and

For more information on JOHN BASEDOW TV or to schedule an interview please contact Pat Riches at 516-293-0764.