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Published:March 11th, 2007 07:50 EST
GH's Elizabeth Spencer: Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons

GH's Elizabeth Spencer: Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons

By Garrett Godwin

As one of General Hospital's most popular heroines, Elizabeth Spencer (Rebecca Herbst) is becoming a little bit of a bad girl, as she keeps not one, but two secrets.  Not only is she in love with bad boy Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), but she is also carrying his child.  The character Elizabeth has been criticized for being a hypocrite, judging Lucky for his addiction and adultery.  Elizabeth is not perfect or trying to be because she is human and has made mistakes.  She is doing what is best for everyone based on her beliefs -- including her children -- because family and friends want her to reunite with Lucky (Greg Vaughn), and is not out to hurt anyone.  Elizabeth is trying to do the right thing.

Though she is marrying Lucky and will always love him, Elizabeth does not love him anymore because she is falling in love with Jason.  Elizabeth should not stay with Lucky out of obligation, guilt, or because of what other people want.  It is not her fault that Lucky cheated on her and became addicted to pills.  He made the choice, and he has to live with the consequences.  However, she should not have to pay for them.  If Lucky wanted to get clean and stay clean, he has to do not for Elizabeth, or for anything and anyone else; Lucky has to do it for himself first.

Elizabeth needs to tell everyone and Lucky the truth: that Jason is the baby's father and she loves him.  She also needs to tell Jason, her true feelings for him and accept his proposal.  Most of all let Jason be more than a friend and protector to Elizabeth, but also a father to their child.

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