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Published:March 11th, 2007 08:15 EST
GH's Jason & Elizabeth: Tortured Couple

GH's Jason & Elizabeth: Tortured Couple

By Garrett Godwin

Now that he knows that he is the father, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) is asked by Elizabeth Spencer (Rebecca Herbst) to make the ultimate sacrifice: let Lucky (Greg Vaughn) raise their child with Elizabeth. Several years ago, Jason had to give up Michael to first his brother A.J., then to Sonny and Carly.  Now, it is deja vu all over again, as he must give the only child he may have ever had -- and he or she is not even born.  Though Jason and Elizabeth are doing what is best for their child and for everyone, they should not have to.  Lucky nor Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) should not be involved in the raising of their child.

What happened between them last summer was more than reconnecting as friends.  It was two souls finally becoming one, and a life was conceived.  It was not a mistake because Jason and Elizabeth are not sorry for their night and day they had together -- and they have no regrets.

Jason and Elizabeth do make the list as one of the most star-crossed lovers of daytime.  Just when this couple grows closer to being together, something or someone keeps them apart.  However, it is sometimes circumstances or something personal involving them that helps them reconnect as they find their way back to one another.

Elizabeth should not marry Lucky, take care of him or be responsible for him.  It is not her fault that he became an addict or an adulterer.  Lucky made the choice, and he has to live with it for the rest of his life.  She needs to tell Lucky as well as her family and friends that Jason is the father of her child and she loves him.  Most of all, Elizabeth needs to tell Jason how she feels about him, and that she really wants to marry him as well as let him be a father to their child.  Jason needs to be honest with Elizabeth about his true feelings for him.

Jason and Elizabeth should not do what everyone else wants them to do because it should be about what they want, and that is to be parents to their child and to be a couple.  They should be themselves not only when together, but also in the entire town of Port Charles, living under no one`s expectations or rules.  Jason and Elizabeth should be a couple, both in love and in freedom.

However, will they finally be together?

Watch as their story continues on General Hospital everyday and every night on ABC and on SoapNet.