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Published:March 13th, 2007 15:12 EST
Vicki Nelson is the next Buffy on Blood Ties

Vicki Nelson is the next Buffy on Blood Ties

By Garrett Godwin

Known for cranking out sentimental movies of the week, Lifetime Network goes out of this world with their latest series, Blood Ties.

Adapted from The Blood Books by Tanya Huff, the series stars Canadian actress Christina Cox as Vicki Nelson, a cop turned private investigator determined to do things her way without help from anyone despite losing her sight.  This led to her leaving the force, which is still causing tension -- not just sexual -- between Vicki and former partner/lover Mike Celluci (Dylan Neal).

Her latest case was a murder that Vicki witnessed but could not prevent.  The victim's girlfriend hires Vicki because she believed that the murderer was a vampire.  Though skeptical at first, the female sleuth reluctantly takes the case.  It was during the investigation of the case where Vicki crosses paths with Henry Fitzroy (Kyle Schmid), who is also tracking the killer.  However, he is a vampire with a soul.  From that moment on everything changed for both of them forever.  They formed an unlikely alliance and with Mike's assistance, they both fight natural and supernatural evil.

Take one beautiful ex-cop, a handsome ex-partner, and a handsome ex-human and you got yourself a triangle that definitely has some bite.
Blood Ties must still stake its claim on Sunday nights because not only private eye/slayer Vicki Nelson must not only battle the forces of darkness, but also SCI FI's Battlestar Galatica and CBS' Without a Trace to find an audience.

After last night's two-hour opener, Blood Ties will air on its regular time: Sunday nights at 10pm on Lifetime.