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Published:April 3rd, 2007 15:32 EST
Be connected with Blood Ties Sunday nights on Lifetime

Be connected with Blood Ties Sunday nights on Lifetime

By Garrett Godwin

Lifetime has been known for sentimental and "women in peril" films.  However, it had modest success in the supernatural genre with Missing (2003-2006), about a young FBI agent who uses her psychic powers to find missing people.  Now, the network is trying again with their latest series, Blood Ties.

Adapted from several books from author, Tanya Huff, the series stars Canadian actress Christina Cox as Vicki Nelson, a young woman who left the force due to her fading eyesight, her refusal to take a desk job, and her ability to play by the rules.  However, most of all, her ability to be independent.  This led to be a heavy amount of tension -- not just sexual -- between Vicki and ex-partner and ex-lover Mike Celluci (Dylan Neal).

Now working as a private investigator, everything began to change for Vicki when she met the mysterious Henry Fitzroy (Kyle Schmid), who makes his living as a comic-book artist, but also helps Vicki with her cases that needs his expertise.  By expertise, means cases that involve the supernatural, because Henry is a 450-year-old vampire.

With a cop to keep her cool and a vampire to keep her warm, Vicki Nelson, private investigator, becomes Vicki Nelson, reluctant vampire slayer ("warrior princess" she said in last night's Deadly Departed) as she and her the two men in her life form an unlikely alliance as they fight the forces of evil that preys on the innocent.

Lifetime has everything going for Blood Ties because of the dialogue on the rules about vampires that are sometimes humorous.  Another is the skepticism Vicki had in the beginning about the supernatural, and now Mike.  It is mostly due to the love triangle between the three main characters.  Whereas, Vicki can trust Henry, Mike does not because Henry is a vampire.  Despite the friction between them, Mike and Henry have only one thing in common: they both care deeply for Vicki.

Blood Ties faces a tough competition on Sunday nights at 10pm due to CBS' Without a Trace and ABC's recently renewed freshman series Brothers and Sisters.  However, take one beautiful ex-cop, a handsome ex-partner, and a handsome ex-human; you get a triangle that definitely has bite. 

So, the only question is: whom will Vicki Nelson choose?  It may take forever -- at least until the series finale.  Until then, sink your teeth into Blood Ties Sunday nights at 10pm on Lifetime Network.