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Published:June 5th, 2007 05:35 EST
Brothers and Sisters: Surprises With No Surprises

Brothers and Sisters: Surprises With No Surprises

By Tristan Mack

For a show that has made a season of the big moments, the season finale of Brothers and Sisters was refreshingly and surprisingly modest in comparison to the events surrounding the Walker clan over the course of the past year. No one died, no one cried (at the end anyway), and there were no “oh my god” moments leaving the audience counting down the days until September.

Still, the final episode seemed fitting for this series. Norah once again planned a seemingly doomed party for the Walkers to meet their future in-laws and Kevin “sucked face” with the senator’s brother, only to discover he is a priest. The scene where the family discovers this fun known fact is priceless as Sally Field’s expression changes in an instant as he leads everyone in prayer. Meanwhile Kevin curses at Kitty for not telling him, saying she will be “the first lady to be impeached.”

And then there’s the question of Uncle Saul, as his past seems to catch up with him, leading to questions of his own sexuality.

But despite these seemingly big moments, they are all ushered in an unusually subtle way that is so welcoming, especially for a series where cliffhangers and holy crap moments are more prevalent and expected.

Still, the last moments of the season occur just as they should, with the family going back to where it all began; to the pool where the family lost their father, making the final minutes of Brothers and Sisters both warming and bittersweet without disappointing. Now all that’s left is to see what happens next.