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Published:July 6th, 2007 08:58 EST
Big Brother is Back on CBS

Big Brother is Back on CBS

By Carolee Kaufold

Oh boy, another summer of Big Brother is on CBS. This show is what is wrong with me. I am nosy! That's right I have to know what makes people tick. 

Why do they come on this show with cameras and microphones all around? What makes them wear the smallest of Bathing suites, the biggest of muscles and the littlest of brains? Why do they leave home and love ones to be looked at 24/7 on the internet? Why do they give up promising jobs and educations to "be seen" at their worst? 

I will tell you. It is not the $500,000 the winner gets, it is the fact they will forever be known as that person on Big Brother. Their lives will be forever changed. They may even give up loves and lose respect, but it still allows for the fact, they were on TV one summer.

Each year this one person gets our attention like Kayer from season 6, or Eddie and Dr. Will from season 1 and 2. They all later went on Big Brother All Stars last year. Last years game showed the worst and best in human behavior. There was lying Mike Boggie and too honest Chicken George. 

There are years that the wrong one won, like season 6 when Maggie was the best of the worst. All the good ones were kicked out leaving Maggie as the only choice, one that no one really wanted to make. Season 3 Danielle should have won, but Lisa did. She masterminded the game, but Lisa rolled to the finish line.

This summer will have new houseguests and new reasons to stay up late. I call it living on California time. Up at 2pm to bed at 6am. I have a life; I am a grandmother, a wife, a darn good mom and a writer for an Internet Zine. My husband thinks I am doing research! Ha!! I am only people watching, as I did when I was 12 and rode the bus to wonder where people were going and what kind of a life they had.

I suppose there are better things to do with my time, but my time is not for much longer, so I will do what I darn well please, right? I am known as ...Mhommy Noodlez a Weekly Reality TV reporter. From 2002 to 2003 I was on KSFN radio in Las Vegas as an on air personality for the Johnson and Tofte Show reporting on Reality TV Shows.

As Mhommy Noodlez, I am a well-known Reality TV Up-date Person. I have watched most all reality TV shows: The Amazing Race, American Idol, American Inventor, and The Apprentice. The Bachelor. Big Brother The Biggest Loser. Blow Out. Dancing With the Stars, Extreme Home Makeover, Miracle Workers, Project Runway, Skating With Celebrities, So You Think You Can Dance, Starting Over Survivor. Top Chef, Top Designer, and anything that looks into peoples personal relives have done a few interviews with some top named Reality TV people. I tape them all in case the phone or nature calls. If it happened on Reality TV, I know about it. I even admit to watching Anna Nicole Smith!

I will be on "Idiots in A box" with my son Thommy Noodlez in the near future as the Reality Update Reporter. So watch for my updates on Big Brother and we can talk!