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Published:July 19th, 2007 15:45 EST
Stingray Rides to the Rescue Again at YouTube

Stingray Rides to the Rescue Again at YouTube

By Garrett Godwin

For over three decades, Stephen J. Cannell has been known creating classic shows with unforgettable characters, breaking every rule in the book.  There was The Rockford Files, The Greatest American Hero, and let's not forget, The A-Team. At the height of his success during the mid-1980s, Cannell continued with his next series, Stingray.

The series follows a mysterious character called "Ray" (Nick Mancuso), who's known by the black 1965 Corvette Stingray he drives.  Ray helps those that can't help themselves.  He doesn't charge his services for money to his clients.  Therefore, the payment is that they help Ray help someone else, and all debts will be clear.

Airing on Friday nights, Stingray lasted two seasons (1985-87) on NBC.  However, you have a chance to watch it from the beginning.  Episodes are going to be shown from the beginning at, starting with the pilot and "Ancient Eyes".

Stingray had the makings of a classic series.  The series had elements of The Equalizer, because Ray's clients respond to his ad, and calls on him for help.  The second is that Ray has elite skills in covert operations and hand-to-hand combat, and connections with the government.  The series also resemble the classic Western, The Lone Ranger, where the character goes from place to place fighting crime and helping people in need, never accepting money for his services.

However, what makes Stingray unique is that the protagonist is a man of mystery.  When people tried to find out who he is through his fingerprints or the license number of his car, sometimes it all leads back to the White House -- or nowhere at all.  Therefore, we never really know who Ray is as well as more of his background and past during the Vietnam War and with the government.

Now, you have a chance or second chance to see this well-hidden, underrated gem from the beginning, with Stingray, now available at