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Published:August 4th, 2007 14:36 EST
Season 4 of The 4400 marks the Jordan Collier Movement

Season 4 of The 4400 marks the Jordan Collier Movement

By Garrett Godwin

"We're not an threat.  We're salvation," states Jordan Collier.  "The world will have to deal with us."

Since debuting on USA in 2004, The 4400 follows several people that were abducted by a mysterious white light and returned to Earth after being gone for several months, years, or decades -- unaged.  And they have special abilities-- such as the power to heal people and to see the future, while struggling to reconnect with loved ones they haven't seen in a long time... as well as dealing with an ever changing world that fears what it doesn't understand.

Religion becomes an important factor for the series' fourth season, as sides are being taken for and against these empowered people, and choices must be made.  Billy Campbell, who's had a recurring role from the beginning, joins The 4400 full-time as Jordan Collier.

The story arc this season revolves around the drug known as Promicin, which gives non-4400 people abilities.  However, the catch is that there's a 50/50 chance that some people will live after taking the shot, but some will not.  Viewers have discovered that Collier has the power to give Promicin, but also has the power to take it away. 

Killed during season two, Collier was resurrected at the end of last season -- reborn as a man with a mission.  With Promicin as the start of his purpose, Collier sets out to save humanity.  But questions still remain.

"Are you a good guy or a bad guy?", asks Maia Skouris (Conchita Campbell) of Collier.

Is Jordan Collier a hero -- or villain?  Is he the Savior that will lead everyone to salvation -- or will he lead them into darkness? 

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So: are you for Promicin, or against it?

Think carefully, as you watch The 4400 Sunday nights at 9pm on USA Network, where characters are always welcome.