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Published:August 5th, 2007 09:10 EST
Saving Grace sounds amazing on TNT

Saving Grace sounds amazing on TNT

By Garrett Godwin

Promoting her first series, Saving Grace, Oscar winner Holly Hunter describes the show as the struggle between faith and being human. Detective Grace Hanadarko (Hunter) of the Oklahoma City Police is very sexy, yet smart as a whip, as well as tough as nails.  However, she also drinks, has a dirty mouth, is ill tempered and unapologetic, does not play by the rules, and likes to have sex with different men.  One night, everything changes for Grace.

While driving under the influence, she hits a guy, and dies instantly.

"Dear God," Grace prays, "please help me."

"I'm here, Grace," responds Earl (Leon Rippy).  "What do you need?"

Defined as "a last chance angel", Earl tells Grace that she has one more chance at salvation, or else she will go to Hell.  However, it is not as easy as it sounds for Grace, who is unsure of what she should do. 

"Change my life, go to church, be nice to people", she asks death row inmate Leon Cooley (Bokeem Woodbine).

Well, nobody said the road to redemption would be easy.

Saving Grace is so controversial, because when watching it, you will then realize it is not like Highway to Heaven or Touched by an Angel.  For instance, the pilot starts with Grace in full-frontal nudity having "mind-blowing sex" with her married partner/lover, Ham (Kenneth Johnson, The Shield).  Another is that Earl is not your classic angel; he likes to chew good tobacco.  Though it is raw, shocking, and surprising, the series is also complex and compelling.  Grace Hanadarko is a deeply flawed anti-heroine because she has been seduced by the world, and enjoys it.  She is also both anti-Catholicism and anti-religion, states creator Nancy Miller.  Though self-destructive, rebellious, bitter, angry at God and at the world, Grace can be loving as well, due to her relationship with her nephew.

Saving Grace raises questions:

Is there a God?

Is Jesus really the Son of God, and did he die on the cross for our sins?

What is Heaven like?

If God is so good, then why is so much so evil and suffering in the world?

If these questions are answered right now, Earl said to Grace, and then there would be no room for faith.

And that is what it comes down to in Saving Grace: faith. See why when watching Saving Grace, Monday nights at 10pm on TNT.