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Published:August 18th, 2007 10:00 EST
TNT keeps 'The Closer' open and gives 'Grace' an extended period

TNT keeps 'The Closer' open and gives 'Grace' an extended period

By Garrett Godwin

L.A. Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson will not only make you talk, but she will also make you confess, and will continue to do so as TNT renews The Closer for a fourth season. The series stars Kyra Sedgwick in the title role as the smart, sexy yet quirky Brenda who has a penchant for solving cases that leads to convictions, but also has a penchant for snack cakes and other sweets. 

Since its debut in the summer of 2005, The Closer has become the highest-rated show in the history of cable television, and its lead actress, Sedgwick, has been nominated for an Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama. 

With three episodes left until the season finale, see why confession is good for the soul when watching The Closer, and right after that comes Saving Grace.

Given three and a half stars by People Magazine, Oscar winner Holly Hunter bares both body and soul as anti-heroine Grace Hanadarko, an Oklahoma City detective who is tough, smart, sexy, and tender.  Struggling between faith and being human, she receives a "last-chance angel" named Earl (Leon Rippy), who tells Grace she has one more chance at saving her soul, or else she goes to Hell.  However, the two soon realize that the road to redemption is not easy as one thought.

Hunter gives what critics called an "electrifying" performance, as Saving Grace becomes cable's new number-one series, not to mention it has been picked up for a full season of 23 episodes.

It is a night of drama with tough yet flawed, confident, complex yet compelling, intelligent, and strong women with The Closer and Saving Grace, Mondays starting at 9pm on TNT.

As Brenda would say: "Thank you"