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Published:August 27th, 2007 05:57 EST

The New Romantic Comedy: Why Finding Love on Reality TV is never a Good Idea

By LaShelle Turner

Watching couples fall in love have always been a favorite pastime of hopeless romantics everywhere.  Most of movies and TV most successful plots deal with men and women getting over their differences and finding love. Although we know it is all scripted and fake, it helps if ‘we’ real people can identify with our favorite lovelorn characters. This is why romantic comedies remain a popular genre on TV and movies.

One of the many pitfalls of fame and fortune is not being able to find true romance. So, leave it to reality TV to come to aid of the lonely celebrity. Now, in the age of reality TV on screen romance has a new spin.

Reality TV has taken finding modern love to a whole other level. It plays on the fact that finding love is really a competitive sport. We all compete unconsciously on some level to attract the opposite sex away from the next potential mate. What reality TV does is bring it to the forefront for our viewing pleasure. See, there is a reason besides boosting up one’s self-esteem for women to get breast implants. They can go on reality shows and compete for an oversexed celebrity.  Just kidding, but women on Reality TV do seem to have larger than average breasts.  

My favorite Realty TV shows are on VH1. Forget the ABC’s The Bachelor. They are too clean cut. It all seems like a fairytale. Expecting marriage after only few weeks of on screen dating is a little too much. Another thing is the women all seem too straight-laced and demur. These women have the good girl next-door role down pat.

The women on VH1’s Rock of Love and Flavor of Love get down and dirty.  These are all the women your parents warned you about: shallow, manipulative and dangerous. Kudos to the casting directors, they know how to pick them. The moment you meet the potential suitor and the women vying for his affection, you know the relationship is over before it starts. A house full of over inflated egos means trouble. Not only are these women competing against each for superficial love... they are competing for fame.   

The women usually cry hysterically after being eliminated. I am not sure they are just acting or are honestly heartbroken about being dumped. It begs to argue Rock of Love and Flavor of Love’s main objections of affections are not great catches. These are men with checkered pasts, to say the least. Flavor Flav and Bret Michael’s are not men you want to bring home to mom and dad. Both are over forty and have reputations of being womanizers.  I am not sure either one of these men are capable of settling down with just one woman.

As you watch these shows, you start to wonder, are these women desperately looking for love, fame or just plain desperate?


As you watch these shows, you start to wonder: are these women desperately looking for love, fame-- or just plain desperate?

The joy is not watching the couple fall in love, but watching them make fools of themselves.  True, the people on the shows are tragically stereotypical, but they reveal a universal truth about love. Shallow people attract shallow people. If you want real love, try being real with yourself. Do not expect to find long lasting love and jumpstart your career at the same time.