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Published:September 3rd, 2007 01:22 EST
General Hospital's Jason and Elizabeth

General Hospital's Jason and Elizabeth

By Garrett Godwin

For eight years, they've been more than best friends.  They've been confidants, trusting no one but each other.  For eight years, they've develop a strong bond that can't be broken.  

Known as Liason, they are Port Charles' Elizabeth Spencer and Jason Morgan on General Hospital.

Always sweet with sexual tension between them, their feelings for one another deepen as they grow and mature.  And, not only do they share a night that neither one regrets, but now they've shared a son.

Acquitted of the murder of Lorenzo Alcazar (though he was guilty), Jason (Steve Burton) was now free, meaning he was now free to do more than go back to work for Sonny.  He was now free to finally go after what he always wanted, and what Jason wanted was to be with Elizabeth, her son Cameron, and their son, Jake, as a family.

Relieved that Jason was free fom a murder charge, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) comes to the realization that her marriage to Lucky (Greg Vaughn) could be over, and decides to tell Jason how she really feels about him.

However, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) is on a mission of revenge: with seducing Lucky as the key as well as making sure that our couple can never be together.

Still, after eight years, Jason & Elizabeth finally admit their true feelings for one another.

"I love you," Jason said to Elizabeth.

"I love you," Elizabeth responds, "and I always will."

Now, they must stay away from one another for Jake's sake.  Elizabeth decides to give her marriage to Lucky another try when, in her heart, she wants to be with Jason ... but not as long as Sam is around to continue her vendetta against Elizabeth.

Jason must deal with the consequences of giving up his happiness for the safety of Jake while he and Sonny must protect their loved ones as they prepare for war against a new yet dangerous mob rival out to take over their territory ... but Jason still yearns for Elizabeth and Jake.

Jason & Elizabeth will never, ever be apart, but can they keep their promise to stay away from each other, or take the risk and finally be together?

Watch this torrid, tortured, and tender story continuing on General Hospital, weekdays on ABC, weeknights and weekends on SOAPnet.