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Published:September 4th, 2007 01:49 EST
More General Hospital's Jason and Elizabeth

More General Hospital's Jason and Elizabeth

By Garrett Godwin

Though never saying the words to one another, General Hospital`s Elizabeth Spencer and Jason Morgan (Liason) deeply care for each other-- with an amount of sweet and sexual tension.  What they have is more than friendship, confiding in no one but one another.  Jason and Elizabeth have both a bond and a connection that is so strong, it can`t be broken-- becoming stronger since the birth of their son, Jake.

Since 1999, Jason and Elizabeth always come close to saying how they truly feel for one another:

Spring 2001: They almost kiss at the park

"Don`t you know what you are to me?" Jason said to Elizabeth.

June 4, 2002: Their first kiss at Elizabeth`s studio

"What you do want?" Jason asks.

"I want you," Elizabeth answers.

September 2002: The penthouse

"You`re who I want to be with, Jason," Elizabeth said.

"I want to be with you, too," Jason responds.

After eight years, Jason and Elizabeth finally admit their true feelings for one another:

August 21, 2007:

"I love you," Jason said.

"I love you," Elizabeth responds, "and I always will."

Jason and Elizabeth still remain close friends, but have always wanted to be more than that.  However, obstacles and circumstances always keep them apart, forcing them to stay away from each other:

  • Jason`s lifestyle will make Elizabeth, Cameron and Jake a target for his enemies.
  • Elizabeth`s desire to save her marriage to Lucky, but doing so out of guilt, duty, loyalty and obligation to her family and friends.
  • Sam McCall`s mission to destroy Elizabeth`s life by seducing Lucky.

Elizabeth Spencer is a heroine because she is a mother who wants what is best for her children.  She is also loyal to the people who matter to her the most, including Jason; and, would do anything for them-- even if it means breaking the law.  And though she has done questionable things, Elizabeth does them for the right reasons: because it makes her human.

Jason Morgan is an anti-hero because, though a lawbreaker, he is a noble criminal because there is humanity within him.  Though his actions are against the law, Jason has redeemable traits such as loyalty, friendship, freedom of choice, honor, compassion, respect, honesty and love.  Patient, gentle and understanding, Jason is a dark knight in shining armor with a heart of gold always there to help and protect the people who matter to him-- including Elizabeth.

Though they`ve kept Jake`s true paternity a secret, Jason and Elizabeth are parents trying to do right for their son, making sure that he is safe and that he has a good life.

And though they`re not together now, Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Spencer will never, ever be apart.  No matter where they are or who they`re with, these two will not be far from the other`s thoughts, as one heart desires for the other as well as the other way around.  Jason and Elizabeth always find a way back to each other, but will they finally find a way to be together?

Torrid, tortured and tender, watch this Liason continue on General Hospital weekdays on ABC, weeknights and weekends on SOAPnet.