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Published:September 30th, 2007 06:16 EST
NCIS solves its 100th case in October

NCIS solves its 100th case in October

By Garrett Godwin

After a surprising year of secrets and romance, it isn't a surprise that NCIS hits a landmark, as the series airs its 100th episode this fall. Created by Donald P. Bellasario, the series spun-off from JAG in 2003, as it follows federal agents investigating Navy and Marine related crimes.  Headed by Special Agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon), the NCIS team upholds the chain of command as they set out to bring justice against those that break the law, but also those who pose a threat to both America and the world.

Since its debut, the series was originally called Navy NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) during the first season.  At the start of the second season, it was shortened to NCIS, as the series started to build an audience at a slow yet steady pace.  When Sasha Alexander decided to leave NCIS at the end of season two in 2005, it led to her character, Special Agent Todd, being killed off.  However, by that summer, viewership for NCIS increased, as the series achieved a place in the Top 20, but also one of the most-watched shows on Tuesday nights.

Now in its fifth season, the cast of NCIS has recently celebrated its 100th episode, in which more of Gibbs' past will be reveal-- and look for the debut of one of his ex-wives this season.

There were some comparisons of NCIS to CSI, but there is a difference. For although CSI is a forensic show that focuses on the characters and their relationships from time to time, NCIS stands out because of Donald P. Bellasario, who always makes sure that the characters and the relationships are the primary focus every week, rather than developing a series full of action and adventure. To him, it's not just the story that matters, but it is the cast that brings their characters to life and the chemistry they share.

The 100th episode of NCIS will air on October 30 at 8pm on CBS, and season four will be available on DVD later this year. 



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