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Published:October 16th, 2007 08:40 EST
Stingray drives for justice again on YouTube

Stingray drives for justice again on YouTube

By Garrett Godwin

"I've seen a lot of evil.  Here, all over the world.  The horror of war, injustice.  If I have a religion, I guess my religion is my belief in the inherent good of all people ... and having faith in that belief.  Sometimes it takes all the strength that I have"

From The Rockford Files to The A-Team to Renegade, Stephen J. Cannell has created and written some of the best shows for over three decades featuring great action, contagious humor, and memorable characters.  And then, there was Stingray.

Debuted on the summer of 1985 on NBC, Stingray follows a man of mystery known as "Ray", who helps those that can't fight for themselves.  He never asks money for his services, and he has a reason for it:

"The world runs on money.  Everybody walks around with this invisible number in their heads.  You hit the figure close enough, the penny drops, and you owe the man.  In Hong Kong, you can buy a murder for five bucks.  In New York City, a sloppy job runs you five hundred.  A neat, clean, professional hit, upwards of ten grand.  On skid row, they'll kill you for your shoes.  I take money out of the equation.  My hands don't sweat, because I'm never at the pay window."

Ray only asks his clients for a favor, and whatever that favor is, they must do it.

Stingray was cancelled in the spring of 1987 after two seasons, but you have a chance to see all of the episodes -- including the pilot -- on

Though it had a short run and never have the opportunity to shine, the series worked due to several reasons.  Stingray had elements of Miami Vice, where each episode had the feel of a music video, including the incredible music from Mike Post.  Another is the series resembles The Equalizer, in which when someone is in need of help, they contact Ray through the ads. 

However, what makes Stingray unique from The Equalizer is though Ray is a master of covert operations and marital arts, nobody ever knew his real name or his past during Vietnam and with the government.  When people tried to run the license plate of the Stingray, it leads all the way to the White House. 

Stingray also had the soul of both The Lone Ranger and Knight Rider, in which Ray goes from town to town, fighting crime, and helping people -- but never does it for money.  He is a loner on "a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, and the powerless in a world of criminals who operate above the law".

Nick Mancuso hits the streets and save lives as Stingray, the complete series, now available at



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