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Published:October 25th, 2007 15:17 EST
Stargate Atlantis will stay afloat for next season

Stargate Atlantis will stay afloat for next season

By Garrett Godwin

The gate will continue to stay open, as SCIFI Channel announced late Tuesday the renewal of Stargate Atlantis for a fifth season.

A spin-off of a spin-off from a 1994 movie called Stargate; the series follows an international team of explorers, doctors, scientists, military experts, and warriors as they explore Atlantis, the Lost City of the Ancients, whom was known as the original creators of the Stargate.  With Atlantis as both home and their base of operations, the team sets out to explore new worlds such as the Pegasus Galaxy, uncovering alien technology that can be used to help humanity, all the while fighting the Wraith, the Replicators, the Genii, and more.

Now in its fourth season, Amanda Tapping joins the team, when her SG-1 character, Colonel Samantha Carter, becomes the new leader of the Atlantis team.  Also joining is Jewel Staite as Dr. Jennifer Keller.

Averaging 1.8 million viewers (almost two million) every week, compared to the typical 1.3 million, Stargate Atlantis "truly came out from under the shadow of its sister series [Stargate SG-1] this year and proved that it's a hit in its own right," states SCIFI exec VP Mark Stern.

With season three now available on DVD; continue to enter the gate to another city as well as another galaxy with Stargate Atlantis, Friday nights at 10pm on the SCIFI Channel. 


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