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Published:November 2nd, 2007 13:16 EST
Moonlight Shines on CBS

Moonlight Shines on CBS

By Garrett Godwin

"It's only when you live forever that you begin to understand how few things actually make life worth living."
                                                             -Mick St. John

Moonlight is the latest series featuring the next vampire hero: Mick St. John.  Bitten more than a half-century ago by his bride on his wedding night, he now lives in the City of Angels, working as a private investigator.

Taking on cases that the police can't handle, Mick hopes helping the living will make up for what he is.  Then, one night, he meets Buzzwire reporter Beth Turner, whom he saved when she was a child and has watched over since.  When Beth and Mick meet, neither one have realized that their lives will change forever.

Some compare Moonlight to Angel because the protagonist is a vampire with a soul turned protector of lost souls.  However, the series will not be dealing with demons every week, as it explores the world of vampires.

Moonlight is created by Ron Koslow, who also created another cult fantasy-romance CBS series, Beauty and the Beast, which aired from 1987 until 1990.  Like the latter, the heart of Moonlight is the star-crossed, tragic love story between Mick and Beth, a vampire in love with a mortal woman, and a mortal woman falling in love with a vampire.

What these two have is stronger than friendship and love.  It is a formidable bond and connection that cannot be broken, and though Mick and Beth may or may not be together, these destined soulmates will never, ever be apart-- neither in their lives or in their hearts.

However, if you miss one episode, then you get another bite into the series on Innertube at

Beam into Moonlight, every Friday night at 9pm on CBS.