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Published:November 2nd, 2007 14:55 EST
Reaper Sows Humor on the CW

Reaper Sows Humor on the CW

By Garrett Godwin


Turning 21 is supposed to be a milestone for young adults-- except Sam.  He still lives at home with his family.  He works at the Work Bench with his friends, Sock and Ben, but would rather play video games, sleep in and goof off.  He has a crush on his beautiful co-worker, Andi... but doesn`t have the courage to ask her out.  So, both being 21 and, with life not being good for Sam, this is just the beginning.

His parents told Sam a revelation that wasn`t exactly a birthday present for him: they sold his soul to the Devil.  And that`s not the bad news.  The most dangerous beings on Earth have escaped from Hell, and now Sam is the bounty hunter for Old Scratch himself, and Sam--with the help of his friends --must track down these souls, using his latest vessel, and send them back-- or die trying-- because at the end of the day, Sam and his friends would rather play video games, sleep in, goof off and yearn for Andi.


From Kevin Smith comes Reaper, a mixture of comedy, drama, suspense, and horror, with Bret Harrison as reluctant semi-hero Sam, Tyler Labine as Sock, and Ray Wise as the Prince of Darkness.

Despite strong competition against House and The Unit on Tuesday nights at 9pm, Reaper is a breathe of fresh air.  It is sly, witty and engaging because, though a supernatural-themed series, this show works because of the writing, and the chemistry among the cast.   

Did you miss an episode?  Well, you have another chance to catch up with episodes of Reaper online at the CW.

If you`re tired of a brilliant yet anti-social doctor and an elite military team saving the world, then check out Bret Harrison as the Reaper, Tuesday nights at 9pm on the CW.