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Published:November 12th, 2007 08:22 EST
Michelle Ryan is the Next Big Thing as the New Bionic Woman

Michelle Ryan is the Next Big Thing as the New Bionic Woman

By Garrett Godwin

"You're going to have to do better than that."
                                                        -Sarah Corvus

The people responsible for the updated, sleek version of Battlestar Galatica have adapted another classic 70s series for the 21st century.  Airing on Wednesday nights at 9pm on NBC comes The Bionic Woman.

Jaime Sommers (Michelle Ryan) is in her twenties working as a bartender while trying to become a surrogate mother to her younger sister, Becca.  She is in a relationship with Will Andros, and found out that she is pregnant, leading Will to ask Jaime to marry her.  As they were talking about baby names, the couple became involved in an accident.  Though both survived, Jaime lost the baby and was severely injured-- but that's not the end of it.

Jaime discovers that her arm and legs are bionic parts, but soon learns that she is stronger and faster than any human being.  With $50 million inside her, she is now under the employment of the shadowy organization called The Berkut Group, which the FBI describes as "arrogant."  However, Jonas Blesdoe describes them as a private clandenstine group dedicated to stopping rogue organizations that abuse technology -- and also to saving the world.  Jaime Sommers, the bartender, is now Jaime Sommers, the Bionic Woman-- and that's just the beginning.

Despite poor reviews, criticisms from Lindsay Wagner and original Bionic Woman fans along with having a very tough timeslot against Criminal Minds, Private Practice and Gossip Girl, this Bionic Woman is for a new generation and has plenty of promise and potential.  British beauty Ryan is definitely one of the breakout stars to watch for this year.

While it has its lighter moments, the new Bionic Woman is much darker than the original, as the Berkut Group is ambigious because they sometimes walk a fine line between right and wrong although believing it is for the greater good.  Sarah Corvus, the first Bionic Woman, is both sexy bad girl and alluring temptress.  But, is she a villainess-- or just a misunderstood, troubled, tragic young woman?

Jaime Sommers is a reluctant, young heroine because she never wanted to save the world.  But, now she is blessed-- and cursed-- with the tools to become the ultimate weapon for humanity, with the chance to make a difference in the world while, all the while, striving for a normal life.

You have two chances to see the series: first, online at, or, second, catch it on both SCIFI and NBC on weekends.

Michelle Ryan crosses over to America as the 21st century's Bionic Woman, Wednesday nights at 9pm on NBC.

"The machine is nothing without the woman."
                                                          -Jae Kim