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Published:November 12th, 2007 02:45 EST
NBC Continues to be a Home for Charlie Crews

NBC Continues to be a Home for Charlie Crews

By Garrett Godwin

"Life was his sentence and life was what he got back."
                                                                   -Constance Griffiths

Everyone thought Charlie Crews was guilty of murder; the evidence was right there, they said.  However, after a dozen years behind bars, the case was reopened, and DNA excluded Crews.  Now free, rich and reinstated in the LAPD, Charlie Crews is putting to use what he knows on the inside as an advantage on the job outside.  And though he is out solving the most difficult cases, the one case he must solve is his own ...

Competing against CSI:NY at 10pm on Wednesday nights, Life is definitely an original of its own, as the main character, Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis), shares some similarties with several small-screen detectives.

Like Robert Goren and Adrian Monk, Charlie is a quirky, eccentric, unique outsider, yet a brilliant and deductive detective.  Although some, like his partner, Dani Reese (Sarah Shahi), think of him as annoying and a pain-in-the neck, he is always able to solve the case-- except the one close to him.

Charlie Crews is perceived as the "anti-House," for he is a likable character that has develop a Zen-like perspective on everything in life, but still flawed and human-- a hero worth rooting for.

And if you miss it the first time, and/or want to know more about Crews' case, then go online at  You can even catch it on USA Network, where characters are always welcome, so check your local listings.

Watch as Charlie Crews continues to get his Life back, Wednesday nights at 10pm on NBC.