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Published:January 1st, 2008 07:54 EST
Daytime Farewells of 2007

Daytime Farewells of 2007

By Garrett Godwin

In the world of soap operas, just because the characters are gone doesn`t mean they`re forgotten.  They will live through the memories of their loved ones as well as the fans who`ve loved them for years.  Let`s remember some of the characters who`ve passed away but made an impact in both daytime and real time from 2007:

Dr. Alan Quartermaine (Stuart Damon): General Hospital

He first came to Port Charles in 1977 and, throughout the years, he and wife, Monica, have been on/off since being involved in numerous affairs and Alan trying to kill Monica several times.  Throughout it all, this supercouple continues to realize that neither one is perfect for anyone, except each other.  A brilliant and talented doctor, Alan also overcame a drug addiction in the late 90s, and has been sober since.  Sadly, during the Metro Court hostage takeover, Alan passed from a heart attack at the start of 2007.  He left behind soulmate Monica, father Edward, sister Tracy; Jason Morgan, the son he to whom he never said goodbye; grandsons Michael Corinthos III and Jacob Martin Spencer.  But, Alan continues to live on, in spirit, as Tracy`s conscience. 

Asa Buchanan (Phil Carey): One Life to Live

Since 1979, he has been Llanview`s most notorious playboy, cowboy and very own J.R. Ewing.  One of the most prominent and powerful businessmen in the world, Asa is conniving, cunning and charming, both in and out of the boardroom.  Despite breaking the law for almost three decades and on-going conflicts with his family, his loyalty always remains within the Buchanans, because family is most important to him.  Though he has been married numerous times, Asa`s true soulmate will always be the lovely Renee.  Asa died in his sleep peacefully in August 2007, leaving behind sons Bo, Clint, Cord and, now, David Vickers; grandchildren Matthew, Jessica, Natalie, Kevin and Joey; great-grandchildren Zane and Bree.

John Black (Drake Hogestyn): Days of Our Lives

For years, John Black continued to remain a mystery to the people of Salem.  Since 1986, he was a police officer, a spy, a mercernary and a priest.  He passed away in October with his family by his side after he suffered serious injuries from a car accident. 

However, John Black made a difference in the lives of the people who`ve known him.  "This man with no name," stated former father-in-law, Victor Kiriakis, at his funeral, "taught us what one human being with a belief in truth and justice could do if he was willing to back up that truth and justice with action and courage.  I will miss him."

No matter who he was or where he came from, John Black-- this man of mystery-- remained a true hero, leaving behind his family and friends, including his eternal soulmate, Dr. Marlena Evans.

Emily Quatermaine (Natalia Livingston): General Hospital

The adopted daughter of Alan and Monica Quartermaine, Emily, was loved by everyone in Port Charles.  She was kind, beautiful, gentle, idealistic, giving and compassionate.  Following the footsteps of his parents into the field of medicine, Emily was a young woman with a promising career that was cut short.  She was murdered last month at Wyndermere during the Black-and-White Ball by someone known as the "Text Message Killer."

Loyal to a fault and full of life, Emily always managed to find the good in all people, despite their worst.  She left behind the family that loved and raised her as their own, the Quartermaines; her brother Jason Morgan, who was "her hero," as was said by Elizabeth Spencer at the funeral; friends including Elizabeth, Lucky Spencer and Nikolas Cassadine, the love of her life. 

Georgie Jones (Lindze Letherman): General Hospital

Like Emily, Georgie`s life ended so abruptly, becoming another victim of the Text Message Killer.  However, like Emily, Georgie was also very kind, gentle, loyal and loving.  She touched the lives of friends, families, and even strangers and co-workers at her waitressing job at Kelly`s. 

"When business was slow at Kelly`s," said owner Mike Corbin, "and, and the tips were, were slim, she`d go to all the waitresses and ask them if they needed extra cash." 

Georgie, he continued, made a positive impact on people, just because of who she was.

Georgie Jones left behind her adoptive father, Port Charles police commissoner Mac Scorpio; cousin Robin, who was a big sister to her; her mother Felicia Jones and older sister Maxie; friend Damon "Jackal" Spinelli, with whom she was secretly in love; and, her first love, Dillon Quartermaine.

Though known as the "black sheep" of the family, both Maxie and Georgie always continued to remain close, as the young sister acts as Maxie`s conscience.  "She [Georgie] was a-- she was a perfect sister, always smiling and cheering people up," said the surviving sibling.  "I used to make fun of her for being such a Pollyanna, but everybody loved her."

We grew up watching these daytime characters being fan favorites for years, bringing humility, joy and grace to us and their loved ones with quietness, optimism and humanity.  They`ve changed the lives of the people around them, but never understood how much they`ve done so for us as well.  These characters are unsung heroes of daytime, and we will miss them. 

Vaya con Dios, our friends.