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Published:July 9th, 2008 15:21 EST
It's Not Easy Being Green Season 2, Sundance Channel

It's Not Easy Being Green Season 2, Sundance Channel

By SOP newswire2

Sundance Channel will present the U.S. television premiere of Season 2 of the British reality series It`s Not Easy Being Green ? as part of THE GREEN, the Channel`s primetime destination dedicated to the environment.  Comprised of eight thirty-minute episodes, It`s Not Easy Being Green ? Season 2 was produced by the BBC and premieres Tuesday, July 29th at 9:00pm et/pt.

It`s Not Easy Being Green ? Season 2 picks up in the wake of Season 1, in which the Strawbridge family " Dick, a retired Army lieutenant colonel; his wife Brigit; and their children James and Charlotte, both university students - left their comfortable urban lives for transform a farm in Cornwall into a green, self-sufficient entity, complete with energy-generating waterwheel, composting toilets, a wind turbine, and more.


In Season 2 of the series, Dick Strawbridge, his son James and Jim Milner travel the country, advising and assisting a range of citizens in realizing their eco goals.  The eight episodes find team Strawbridge/Milner lending their expertise, muscle and general good spirits to a range of undertakings, from the grand (a custom-built, self-sufficient eco dream house) to the quotidian (reducing electricity consumption).  The projects hit a range of price points as well, with budgets ranging several hundred thousand British pounds to virtually zero.  


The schedule for It`s Not Easy Being Green ? Season 2 is as follows:

July 29th at 9:00pm

Episode 1:  Dick meets Helen and Russell Keenan, who have ambitious plans for a self-sufficient eco-home on the Wirral Peninsula in northwest England.  Dick helps the Keenans set up for several forthcoming infrastructure elements, including a wind turbine and rainwater harvesting system.  Dick, James and Jim pay a visit to the Hunts of Essex, who are seeking to grow more of their own food for health and financial reasons. 


August 5th at 9:00pm

Episode 2:  Dick and James meet sisters Jake and Candy Moriarty, who have sold the family B&B and now want to create an eco-friendly campsite on land they own in Cornwall.  In the city of Bath, renter Duncan has recruited his friend Steve to help extend his backyard growing season with the addition of a greenhouse.  But with a budget of roughly zero, the friends are thrilled to find a free greenhouse advertised on the Web " but they`ll have to dismantle the thing and transport it back to Bath. 


August 12th at 9:00pm

Episode 3:  Dick meets Chris and Carla Fletcher, rat-race refugees who have settled in Aberdeenshire, Scotland to grow their own food and raise livestock (including an unusual breed of sheep).  Team Strawbridge devises some ingenious, cost-effective solutions to extend the couple`s rainwater harvesting system.  After using some old-fashioned methods to search out water on their property, the Moriarty sisters make major headway on their campsite-to-be.  In Bath, Duncan and Steve cope with flaws in their self-designed wormery, and Team Strawbridge joins the friends to put the final touches on Duncan`s heated greenhouse.  


August 19th at 9:00pm

Episode 4:  James meets Maggie of Staffordshire, who is renovating her 1930s house in a thoroughly eco-friendly fashion, re-using original fixtures and as many eco-friendly materials as possible.  Dick and James come to the aid of Julie Mason and her partner Harry, who want to boost their energy efficiency with a solar hot water heater.  At home in Cornwall, Dick, James and Jim make their maiden foray into beekeeping with two hives of honeybees. 


August 26th at 9:00pm

Episode 5:  At New House Farm, James recruits his friends and his sister Charlotte help dig a new pond to attract more wildlife.  Dick meets with East London resident Andrew Martin, who wants to install a solar hot water heater in his back garden.  In Bournemouth, Dick meets Danette and Vernon Whittle, parents of year-old twins who are looking to reduce the electricity bills.  In Cornwall, Candy Moriarty surprises her sister Jake with an exotic addition to their herd of grazing livestock.   In East London, Jim tackles the challenge of hooking up Andrew`s backyard solar system to the house`s hot water tank. 


September 2nd at 9:00pm

Episode 6:  In Lincolnshire, we meet Zannah and Arthur, who are renovating a 200-year-old cottage that has no onsite heating source.  The young couple wants to maintain the home`s historic character while installing green systems like solar panels.  Eco-campsite partners Jake and Candy Moriarty get a lesson in electricity when Team Strawbridge arrives to help them assemble and install their wind turbine.  In Somerset, Andrew and Emma Warren who have purchased a field near their home and are determined to become self-sufficient for their family`s food. 


September 9th at 9:00pm

Episode 7:  In the seaside area of New Forest, Matt Goldschmeid wants to make a permanent home of the lush vacation property his parents bought in the 1980s.  The estate`s elegant villa has a massive heating bill from its oil-burning tank.  Matt has come up with a radical solution to the problem, but a visit from Dick causes him to reconsider.  In Yorkshire, Niel and Zo ë have taken on a large allotment of community land hoping to grow their own food, but the parcel is an overgrown wilderness.  As James helps them ready the land for planting, he comes up with additional ways to maximize their garden`s growing potential.    


September 16th at 9:00pm

Episode 8:  Dick and Jim visit a Cambridge mechanic named Gary, who wants to save money by switching his car to biodiesel.  Using scrounged and free materials, the men construct a backyard biofuel processor, which will convert used vegetable oil from the local take-out restaurant.  A primary school in St. Albans sends out an SOS to reduce its water usage, prompting a visit from Dick and James.  Dick visits the Keenan family and is brought up to date on their progress. After a few hiccups, Team Strawbridge joins the family in celebrating the installation of their massive wind turbine, which will yield all the electricity they`ll ever need. 


THE GREEN offers viewers a focused, entertaining source of information and inspiration about the planet we call home " an approach reflected in the destination`s new tagline, Prime Time for the Planet. ?    In keeping with Sundance Channel`s commitment to giving flight to new voices and revolutionary new ideas, THE GREEN presents a lively mix of original series, documentary premieres and interstitial series about the earth`s ecology.   Its original programs and interstitial segments provide viewers with ideas for how to work green, play green, eat green, dress green and live green.   Its documentary presentations survey a broad scope of eco-related topics, from climate change and energy to design, fashion and architecture.