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Published:September 18th, 2008 22:27 EST
The Best of Soul Train: September 18

The Best of Soul Train: September 18

By Garrett Godwin

Soul Train -- Television`s longest-running, syndicated music program is also the hippest place to be with guest stars on this day of September 18:

1976 - D.J. Rogers with "On the Road Again", "Let Your Love Shine", and "Bula Jean"; The Lockers, and the finalists of the Soul Train National Contest.

1999 - Kevon Edmunds bringing us "24/7"; Grenique with "Love Within" and "Black Butterfly"; Cha Cha with "He Likes" and "New Millennium"

But let`s not forget the Soul Train Dancers -- with your hosts Don Cornelius and Mystro Clark, giving us another ride on the Train.

But if you miss the Train the first time, then you get another chance with The Best of Soul Train every weekend, so check your local listings. 

And you can bet your last dollar, it was -- and still is -- a stone gas, honey.  I`m Garrett Godwin, and like my boys Don and Mystro, we wish you love, peace, and ..... SOUL!