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Published:September 25th, 2008 17:58 EST
The Best of American Bandstand: September 26, 1987

The Best of American Bandstand: September 26, 1987

By Garrett Godwin

We`re goin` hoppin (hop!)
We`re goin` hoppin` today
Where things are poppin` (pop!) the Philadelphia way
We`re gonna drop (drop!) in on all the music they play
On the Bandstand
                        - Barry Manilow

Hello, there!  It is indeed the all-new American Bandstand -- with Expose performing one of their Top 10 hits; hailing straight from Scotland is Danny Wilson with a major hit here in the States, along with comedian Jimmy Aleck.

So, opening up today`s Bandstand is three lovely ladies with an debut album that has five smash-hit songs like the one they`re performing here today hitting the Billboard Hot 100, Dance/Club, R&B, and Adult Contemporary Charts.  One of them, Seasons Change, went all the way to #1.  Their debut album (Exposure) continues to be one of the most successful dance albums of all time to ever gone triple platinum, so ladies and gentleman, coming from Miami -- Expose!

And then, we have a pop band coming from Dundee, Scotland that was named after a 1952 movie with Old Blue Eyes Himself, Frank Sinatra -- which is also the title of their first album (Meet Danny Wilson) for Virgin Records.  Making their debut here on American Bandstand performing their Top 30 hit "Mary`s Prayer", here`s Danny Wilson:

Our thanks to Expose, Danny Wilson, and Jimmy Aleck for coming here today, and I hope that you come back again, so make it official:  I`ll see you next time right here on AMERICAN .....


For now, Garrett Godwin, so long!