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Published:October 3rd, 2008 22:11 EST
Nightly TV Listings: October 3, 2008

Nightly TV Listings: October 3, 2008

By Garrett Godwin

Hello, there!

This is Garrett Godwin, and I`m here to tell you What`s On Tonight!

At 9pm tonight on the SCIFI Channel is the two-hour premiere of Sanctuary with Amanda Tapping (also executive producer) in a role that is a complete 180 of Stargate`s Samantha Carter.  The series chronicles the adventures of 157-year-old Dr. Helen Magnus (Tapping), her protégé Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne), and her headstrong daughter Ashley (Emilie Ullerup), as they seek out "abnormals" -- creatures and magical beings roaming on Earth.

Given a 13-episode order, Sanctuary debuted in May as the first exclusive sci-fi series shown online -- shooting almost entirely in CGI. 

Tapping is given the opportunity to not only play another strong and smart female character, but she is also given the chance to play someone a little bit sexier as well as finally be able to have a lead role.  This series is a mixture of Doctor Who meets The X-Files, so enter the Sanctuary tonight at 9pm on SCIFI, and you can find more at:

And that is What`s On Tonight, so thanks for joining me.  But don`t forget to check out The American Perspective with Judyth Piazza, along with Hot Copy with Del Marbrook -- right here at the SOP.

I`m Garrett Godwin, and I have to Go Now once again, so I`ll see you later.