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Published:October 5th, 2008 10:08 EST
Heroes and Tim Kring

Heroes and Tim Kring

By Garrett Godwin

Save the cheerleader, save the world
Are you on the list?

These have been the slogan quotes that made Heroes an international sensation since its debut in 2006. Coming from the mind of Tim King (Crossing Jordan), fans have been following the journey of ordinary people with extraordinary abilities from day one. Though some sees them as a blessing, others see them as a curse, while few struggle to understand why this is happening to them. But these individuals realize that they`re all connected, and the fate of the world lies within them.

The third volume, "Villains", starts off season three with a bang, as the battle between good and evil comes ahead.

King recently spoke to Digital Spy Editor Neil Winters in an exclusive interview:" target=_new>

Originally, season two was originally going to be three volumes (including "Villains"), as "Exodus" was supposed to be pick up where "Generations" left off -- beginning with a virus outbreak taking place in the town of Odessa, TX. "Exodus", according to Kring, was supposed to be "a volume of tanks and helicopters", but due to the 2007-08 Writers` Strike, it "never saw the light of day". However, it can be seen as extras on the Season 2 DVD. Still, what about Caitlin (Katie Carr), the Irish love interest of Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia)? Her fate won`t be resolved in "Villains", so for now she`s "somewhere lost in time and space" stated Kring.

And the planned spin-off Heroes: Origins? Kring said that there has been no discussion yet because it is "a little bit premature".

"The relaunch of [Heroes] after nine months being off the air", he continued, "is so important that nobody even brought it up. And frankly, I haven`t brought it up to [NBC], either, because there`s tremendous amount of relenting the show."

Though season three`s ratings haven`t been Hero-ic, "Villains" does raise the stakes more in storytelling, as the morality within the characters starts to have duality and shades of gray. While some decide to shine or come into the light, others decide to embrace or accept the darkness; battle lines will be drawn, as it is time to stand up and fight -- because the war is on its way.

Season three will have 25 episodes divided into two volumes: "Villains" (12), and the next volume codename "Fugitives" (13 episodes), but Kring isn`t giving any spoilers -- for fear of losing fans` impact.

"It won`t make any sense at all until you see ["Villains"]" he said. "Just telling you what it`s about will give away the ending of Volume Three. Nobody wants their experience to be ruined. In giving the title, one can sort of least start to think about what that means."

Pick a side with Heroes: Villians, Monday nights at 9pm on NBC.