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Published:October 5th, 2008 13:09 EST
The Best of American Bandstand: October 3, 1987

The Best of American Bandstand: October 3, 1987

By Garrett Godwin

We`re goin` hoppin (hop!)
We`re goin` hoppin` today
Where things are poppin` (pop!) the Philadelphia way
We`re gonna drop (drop!) in on all the music they play
On the Bandstand
                        - Barry Manilow

American Bandstand

This is indeed American Bandstand, where we`re going international.  Our special guests are Swing Out Sister, Ana, and Five Star -- along with comedian Howie Gold. 


In the opening position today is a band coming overseas from the UK that is already making a name for themselves here in the States.  Performing their Top 10 hit from their debut album for Mercury Records called it`s better to travel, here is one of the "Breakout" groups of 1987, Swing Out Sister:


Though she`s 13, this next performer is a Cuban-born singer has earned success in Japan as well as on the Billboard Dance Club Charts with this song she`s about to perform here on Bandstand.  From her self-titled debut album that is also known as this single entitled "Shy Boys", here`s Ana:


Like Swing Out Sister, this next group is also from overseas.  They`re five siblings that is being dubbed as the British version of the legendary Jackson 5, and have earned tremendous success on the UK Charts.  Let`s give it up, Bandstand, for Five Star:


Our very thanks to Swing Out Sister, Ana, Five Star, and Howie Gold for coming here today, and thank you for being here.  Sadly, for now, Garrett Godwin, so long, and I`ll see you next time on AMERICAN .....


This is dedicated to the lovely and talented Judyth Piazza.  Happy Birthday!