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Published:February 20th, 2009 17:16 EST
Hardcastle & McCormick Complete Series DVD Review

Hardcastle & McCormick Complete Series DVD Review

By Garrett Godwin

Milton C. "Hardcase" Hardcastle was a tough yet honorable judge who retired from the bench.  Mark "Skid" McCormick was an ex-race car driver turned thief -- and Hardcastle`s last case.  McCormick has been placed under the custody of Hardcastle, and together they go after 200 defendants walked out of Hardcastle`s courtroom on technicalities.

Hardcastle & McCormick was the latest from creator, writer, and executive producer Stephen J. Cannell that aired on ABC from 1983-86.  The series follows both the adventures and the budding relationship between its two male protagonists (Brian Keith and Daniel Hugh Kelly), as this unlikely modern-day superhero duo go after criminals that "beat the rap". 

The entire series, now on DVD, features all 67 episodes that features guest stars such as future NYPD Blue cop Dennis Franz and Faith Ford (Murphy Brown, Hope & Faith), as Hardcastle & McCormick ride the plains in their cool Coyote X taking on drug dealers, mob figures, kidnappers, and rogue cops in their Drive for justice.  Though having plenty of action and car chases, the series also focused on the characters, as McCormick meets his long-lost father for the first time; Hardcastle`s aunts and brother come for an visit, and the first time that Hardcastle & McCormick met that paved the way from having an antagonistic relatonship to one slowly based on mutual trust, respect, and friendship. 

So, push it to the floor `til the engine screams with the complete series of Hardcastle & McCormick -- available online at