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Published:April 15th, 2009 20:19 EST
Anoop Desai, L`il Rounds, or Matt Giraud Goes Home Tonight on American Idol?

Anoop Desai, L`il Rounds, or Matt Giraud Goes Home Tonight on American Idol?

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Entertainment Weekly, Predictify Team Up To Get Sneak Peek At How Viewers Will Vote

Anoop Desai has been on the bubble for darn near 4 weeks, but every week, someone else UNDERperforms him! So, this week, will it be Anoop, L`il Rounds, or Matt Giraud who gets voted off the Idol Island? Those three are the top candidates to go, according to the Entertainment Weekly/ American Idol prediction page at

The site gives viewers the chance to predict who will be booted, who will stay, and it rates them on their picks, like a fantasy football game.

Users can keep score on their predictions, and check their accuracy against the leaderboard on the site.

American Idol fans are some of the best fans in the world, and they ALL have opinions about what`s going to happen, " said Parker Barrile, CEO of Our unique engine does more than poll opinions " it plays more like a game, and fans can keep track of their predictions, be ranked against other fans, and keep score on how they are doing during the season.

It`s a truly interactive experience, and makes the fans feel like they are sharing in the American Idol conversation at every water cooler in the country all at the same time. And if you want to give your listeners a credible peek into the opinions of likely Idol voters, our site with Entertainment Weekly is the only game in town. "

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