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Published:July 1st, 2009 08:28 EST

The Cleaner S1 DVD Review

By Garrett Godwin

William Banks has saved over 200 people from drugs and alcohol.  He`s not a cop.  He`s not a priest.  He`s not a superhero.  He`s a man with a calling, and this is his story.

Benjamin Bratt returns to television with The Cleaner, whose first season was released on DVD last week that occurred at the same time the A&E series began its second season with guest star Gary Cole.

William Banks` years of drug and alcohol problems has led him in and out of jail, rehab, and several relapses that began putting a strain on his marriage to wife Melissa (Amy Price-Francis) and family.  But Banks finally got clean, and decides to make a deal with God: if God help him get sober, then William becomes his "avenging angel".  Now an "extreme interventionist", he leads a team of recovering addicts to help those kick their bad habits cold turkey -- by means necessary.  In the meantime, he tries to rebuild his marriage with Melissa, and reconnect with son Ben and daughter Lulu. 

Season one (13 episodes) contains guest stars that includes former Grey doc as Isaiah Washington as William`s rival for client Kathy Baker; former 24 mole Sarah Clarke also became a client, as a FBI agent who "hires" William to find one of her own, who`s deep undercover in a drug case.  The first season finds one member of the team "Back to One", as William seeks out to detox him while in the process drawing experiences from his own, and the finale finds William possibly reaching the breaking point both professionally and personally.

Bratt has come from a long way since his days on Law & Order in a role completely different than the straight-arrow Det. Rey Curtis.  William Banks knows he`s an addict -- first, last, and always, and also knows that the taste for drugs and alcohol will always be there, and that he has to take it one day at a time.  Still, he feels the need to prove himself, and the only way to do is through helping others in the same situations he once were in, but tries to regain the trust he lost with his family due to his addiction.  Think of The Cleaner as The Equalizer meets Intervention.

Follow the sound with the first season of The Cleaner, now available on DVD.

I will help you get clean - William Banks