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Published:July 17th, 2009 09:38 EST
Earth: Final Conflict S1 Review

Earth: Final Conflict S1 Review

By Garrett Godwin

Three years ago, they came ... forever alternating the future of humanity

Earth: Final Conflict was one of two post-Star Trek shows that the legendary Gene Roddenberry was in the process of working on before his death in 1991 (the second was Andromeda).  Now, the long-awaited season one has finally arrived on DVD with all 22 episodes with brand-new features that includes exclusive audio commentaries from the cast and crew.

In the 21st century, an alien species who call themselves the Taelons came to Earth on a mission of peace.  These Companions helped solved the problems of the world such as war, famine, poverty, and injustice by sharing their highly, advanced technology.  Though while some are grateful, others such as industrialist billionaire Jonathan Doors (David Hemblen) are suspicious of their intentions, which led to the birth of the anti-Taelon human resistance movement.  Both he and Capt. Lili Marquette (Lisa Howard, Highlander), a shuttle pilot, enlists police commander William Boone (Kevin Kilner, Dollhouse) to become a double agent: assigned protector to the U.S. Companion Da`an (Leni Parker) while uncovering the Taelons` true motives for the resistance.  Boone agrees -- on the condition that he finds the person responsible for the murder of his wife, Kate (Lisa Ryder, Andromeda). 

Now, William Boone, a man caught between two worlds, begins his search for the truth.

Fans states that EFC`s first season is arguably the series at its best before it "jumped the shark" later on throughout its five-year run in syndication (1997-2002).  For instance, "Sandoval`s Run", is one of the best, showing the complexities of Ronald Sandoval (Van Flores), FBI agent and Companion protector to Zo`or (Anita La Salva), who became one of the series` main villains.  This episode peels the layers of Sandoval`s lost humanity before he was written as a self-centered, opportunistic, sociopathic villain/anti-hero. 

When watching Earth: Final Conflict, you`re thinking V for the 1990s, where there evil aliens out to enslave humanity, and the good humans brave enough to fight against oppression and freedom for humanity.  However, on this series, there`s moral ambiguity, where everything isn`t always black and white, and you realize the only person to have to trust is yourself -- like William Boone, the classic tragic, reluctant hero who is still the heart and soul of this series. 

Season one of Earth: Final Conflict is now available on DVD.