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Published:July 31st, 2009 10:00 EST
Earth: Final Conflict S3 DVD Review

Earth: Final Conflict S3 DVD Review

By Garrett Godwin

They have come to Earth with the promise of peace ... an alien race called the Taelons.  But there are those who resist these alien Companions.  For the Taelons` true mission ... the secrets they hide ... will forever alter the future of our world.  The fate of humanity now relies on those who dare challenge the future of Earth.

There has been No Refuge in the third season of Gene Roddenberry`s Earth: Final Conflict, which was released on DVD along with seasons four and five in 2003.  The show takes place the 21st century, where the Taelons came to Earth several years ago: helping humanity end poverty, suffering, and disease by sharing their technology with them.  However, there are those who suspect the Companions` "benevolence", which led Jonathan Doors to form the Resistance. 

The main, original focus of season one -- and the series -- was William Boone (Kevin Kilner), a cop assigned to protect Da`an while working undercover for the Resistance to uncover the Taelons` real plans for Earth.  He was "killed" in the finale, and was replaced by Liam Kincaid (Robert Leeshock), an hybrid of both human and an alien species called the Kimera that took over as Da`an`s protector and leader of the Resistance when Doors decided to run for the White House against President Thompson.  However, at the end of season two, there was an assassination attempt on Thompson blamed by the Resistance.

EFC began season three with a two-parter; a "Crackdown" emerges when Thompson enforced a state of emergency, as Volunteers are assigned to seek out members of the Resistance and those who sympathize with them. Lili Marquette, one of the original members, was captured on the Taelon mothership by morally flexible Ronald Sandoval (Von Flores), FBI agent and Zo`or`s protector, and what happens next will alter her life forever.  Lisa Howard, who portrayed Lili, was on maternity leave this season for the birth of her daughter, as her character was on recurring status.  Though still a regular, David Hemblen was seen less, as Jonathan Doors` fate was decided near end of season three.

Jayne Heitmeyer joined the series as beautiful but tough-as-nails Renee Palmer, an new ally in the Resistance, who also works for Jonathan Doors at his company.  At the start, Renee and Liam didn`t trust one another yet there was sexual tension between them, and throughout the season they`d become partners and friends.  It was in season three that Liam became more of an leader than an follower, and more like Neo of The Matrix, with Renee as Trinity, who`s what Resistance computer expert Augur (Richard Chevolleau) calls a "CEO by day and guerilla by night". 

However, the downside was ignoring his alien heritage.  Originally, Liam had an organ called the shaqarava, in which he used as a weapon or heal others in the sophomore season.  Now, as he said in the episode "Thicker Than Blood", the longer he stays on Earth, the more human he becomes.  His relationship with Da`an (Leni Parker), which was once based on mentor-student and friendship, started to dissolved, as the Taelon`s connection to Zo`or (Anita La Selva) is revealed, leaving his loyalties to be divided between the Taelons and humanity.

Another downside was one of the extras, which included interviews with the cast and crew during the making of season two.  There were no new interviews about season three, the series, and no audio commentaries.  After fan response from an action-focused season two was mixed, the writers got back on track this season with stories that are reality-driven mixed with human-alien relationships while still providing elements of sci-fi, fantasy, action, and suspense. 

Season three of Earth: Final Conflict is on DVD.