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Published:July 31st, 2009 17:00 EST

Earth: Final Conflict S4 DVD Review

By Garrett Godwin


They have come to Earth with the promise of peace ... an alien race called the Taelons.  But there are those who resist these alien Companions.  For the Taelons` true mission ... the secrets they hide ... will forever alter the future of our world.  The fate of humanity now relies on those who dare challenge the future of Earth.

It is Destination Darkness in the fourth season of Gene Roddnberry`s Earth: Final Conflict.  Called by critics as "the missing link between Star Trek and The X-Files", season three ended with the return of original Resistance member Lili Marquette, who was sent to the home planet of the Jardians, an war-like alien species bent on destroying the Taelons.  Lili`s trip was engineered by federal agent and Zo`or`s protector Ronald Sandoval so that the Jardians have inter-dimensional space travel to come to Earth and take out the Companions. 

EFC began season four with Liam and Renee finding Lili about to give birth to a human-Jardian hybrid, as her story arc concludes.  Originally, her portrayer Lisa Howard was offered to remain on the series in a recurring role, but declined because the actress thought her character had no place in the direction the show was going at that time.  Another original Resistance member, Augur, went underground in the opener, but returned to help out his friends from time to time.  His predecessor was the spunky and sassy J Street (Melinda Deines), whose backstory was revealed a bit midway in the season, but proved herself valuable to the Resistance.

Earth was now fighting back with the development of the Atlantic National Alliance (ANA), in which they granted amnesty for all Resistance members.  Liam and Renee became their top operatives going undercover to investigate treachery within the Taelons and even within our governments. 

Season four returned to explore Liam`s alien origins a little, as his spiritual father Ha`Gel helped guide his son to his destiny.  The writers should`ve gone more into it in seasons three and four because being part human and part Kimera is what made Liam unique and different than his predecessor William Boone, but  wanted to make Liam into the mold of a leading man and action hero before they decided to revisit his bi-species heritage.

Liam`s friend and partner Renee starts to reveal the human side of her corporate image when she risks everything to save her brother and her boyfriend.  Even Sandoval got back in touch with his humanity a little when he decides to seek "Atonement" by testifying against the Taelons, but ends up feeling betrayed and puts humanity on trial with an speech in the climax. 

The war between the Taelons and the Jardians reached its peak this season, when the Companions decided to leave Earth as the Jardians planned to launched a "Second Wave" on our planet.

Sadly, there were no new interviews and audio commentaries from cast and crew about season four; just ADV previews of Mutant X, Beastmaster, Farscape, and Andromeda as extras.  Fans considered this season to be the last, as the destiny of the Taelon, the Jardians, and Earth has been decided, but an hero may make the ultimate sacrifice.

Stand up and fight with the Resistance in the fourth season of Earth: Final Conflict now on DVD.