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Published:February 4th, 2010 13:49 EST
michael lynche

Video: American Idol Contestant Michael Lynche Booted For Spilling Beans

By Robert Paul Reyes

michael lynche
"An `American Idol` contestant picked last week for the Top 24 was booted over the weekend, according to reports.
The reason: his father told a local newspaper that his son made the semifinals, a violation of the show`s confidentiality rules.
Michael Lynche, called Big Mike on the show, was a high school football hero and his mother is a local columnist for the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, according to a report last week in her newspaper."
The paper reported that his father confirmed he`d made it to the Top 24. Read more
Big Mike made a big impression on the judges and the fans of American Idol, it`s a shame that his dream has been shattered by his parents. It boggles the mind that Mike`s Mom, a newspaper reporter, spilled the beans.
If all the parents of the American Idol didn`t honor theconfidentiality agreement, the suspense of who made the Top 24 cut would be ruined and the ratings of the venerable franchise would suffer.
It`s a shame that Big Mike was kicked to the curb, but the producers had no choice if they wanted to maintain the integrity of American Idol.
The Fox network refused to comment on the report, and I doubt if there`s a reporter brave enough to approach a mortified Big Mike.

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