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Published:June 5th, 2010 11:36 EST
Who is the Deadliest Warrior?

Who is the Deadliest Warrior?

By Tony Graff


As a kid, I remember musing with my best friend about who would win in an fight, a ninja, or a cowboy, as well as match-ups for various superheroes. Marvel vs. Capcom resolved all issues about superhero fights, but it wasn`t until I discovered Spike TV`s Deadliest Warrior that I felt there were definitive answers about ancient warriors getting to duke it out. 

After watching an episode (Pirate versus Knight), this show had me. With all the kids and teenagers who ponder various fights between figures like pirates and ninjas, no one had thought to go about it scientifically, and then there was The Deadliest Warrior. 

The show has a vibe a lot like Mythbusters, where really cool ideas, movie effects, and urban legends are held up to the light of reality. Take a computer whiz and hand him a simulator, then have him work with trauma doctors and a variety of weapon experts, historians, and cultural researchers, and the Deadliest Warrior becomes a uniquely educational experience mixed with every single guy`s dream of getting to play with swords, explosives, and guns, just for the fun of it. 

The show, now in their second season, takes their two warriors facing off, and demonstrate the lethal power of four or five of their most effective weapons, usually on a gel human stand in or a pig carcass, and record all the data from it, like strike velocity, force exerted, and input that in their simulator. Once all the testing is done, they run the program, and get actors to replicate the fight between people who never got the chance to fight each other in all of history. 

Along with classes going against each other, like Apaches, Maoris, and Green Berets, they`ve also been doing more with notable legends throughout history, like William Wallace, Attila the Hun, Jesse James, and Al Capone. There are fights that have to be done in teams, like the IRA, the Russian Spetznas, or the Japanese Yakuza gangs, which add interesting dynamics to the show. 

While watching the show, I was also, believe it or not, learning stuff. Before the Deadliest Warrior, I had no clue who Shaka Zulu was, or the Italian Mafia`s tactics for maintaining control. They spend some time going through history to really define who each character was, and why they are noteworthy for this show. 

After seeing the entire first season of The Deadliest Warrior, I`m going to give it eight out of ten. There are some scenes where they go overboard giving their stand ins guts and blood. But as far as bringing history to life, the show definitely has its own niche in all of TV programming.