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Published:November 25th, 2005 13:31 EST
Gearing up for the Early Bird catch

Gearing up for the Early Bird catch

By Noopur Shrivastav

Toshiba L25 S1193 Laptop for $449.99 from ‘Circuit City’, or an HP Pavillion ZE2308WM Laptop Computer for $398.99 from ‘Office Depot’, or one Compaq AMD Turion Laptop w/ 512MB/80GB/WiFi/DVD Burner for $849.99 from ‘Best Buy’, or HP Laptop with $100 off on the original price from ‘Costco’. Confused with the host of deals floated on websites or advertisements on television or in newspapers, well don’t be, this is the time to go out and grab the best deals.

Every store in the world will have some deal or another to meet your requirements on Black Friday. Lucrative deals will pull you out of the quilt Friday morning and make you stand in the long queue before dawn to avail the benefit of early bird sales.

Thanksgiving will bring this season’s first spell of snow to Delaware and the neighboring areas, but the state is gearing up itself to catch the early bird sales on Black Friday. The shops have already floated the deals on their websites.  Wal-Mart, Circuit City, CompUSA, Kmart, Radio Shack, Macy’s and JC Penny are the fore runners to pitch in the retail. This time for the convenience of their customers there are two websites, and to help them plan their shopping move. All the deals from Computers, to electronics, apparels, jewelry, toys, kitchen, home, automotive as well as miscellaneous. Everything is presented there along with their prices. 

Electronic items are on the hot list of deals, along with digital cameras, camcorders, laptops, MP3 players, printers and other electronic items.  Computers and its accessories will be the main attractions for the buyers. And there is no wonder that CompUSA planned to open their store from 11.59 PM on Thursday to 11.59 PM Friday night.   At Macy’s, the special offers will be from six am to 12pm on Friday and Saturday.
To keep the buyers free for retail shopping and avail the benefit of the deals on black Friday, the New Castle County Farmer’s Market will be closed on Friday; instead it is open on Wednesday. Its customers and the employees are free to throng the Wal-Mart, the Christiana mall and other retail shops of the county and state on the big day. 
In the wake of the discount information, the newspapers, specially the evening editions will disappear in no time on Wednesday late evening or early Thursday morning. These editions will carry discount coupons and that will be additional advantage to the big buyers. People are eagerly waiting for their newspapers and a few fear they may not be able to grab a copy.

Early bird and black Friday sales are a profit making day for retailers.  The shops are to open up early in the morning at around six and the special deals will last for first five or six hours. Hence you will have to snuggle up in the chilly morning and be a part of the queue that will avail the opportunity of grabbing the limited stocks with special offers first. 

My friends, Neveda and Aparna last time reached the Wal-Mart by six am; they parked the car on the road side. People all around them were in festive mood,  parking was full, the premises of Wal-Mart was bustling before dawn and by the time they reached the store, most of the things they wanted were already gone. They have planned to pull up early this time. The nearby shopping center, Christiana mall will open at six in the morning and they expect buyers will be lining up for hours before that.  

I hope everyone geared up for the big day after having a nice turkey platter on Thanksgiving and got off early in the morning in preparation for the Christmas Festivities.  Christmas is in the air all around us.