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Published:December 19th, 2005 17:54 EST
Ft. Pierce, Fla. male sets himself on fire

Ft. Pierce, Fla. male sets himself on fire

By Matthew Kent

By Matthew Kent

A Ft. Pierce, Fla. male set himself on fire with a gas container located in his backyard on Nov. 26, police said. Carlos Williams, 17, was sitting at a small fire with his brother when he became angry and kicked over a nearby gas can before it exploded lighting himself on fire, a police report stated.

Officer Guy Montgomery reported that the victim`s brother, Charles Willis, told him when Williams was on fire, he ran to a faucet to put water on himself. He then went inside the residence where he lives located in the 800 block of Texas Court.

Another witness on the scene, Eliza Fernandez, told Guy that she saw Willis kick the gas can that contained gasoline into the fire. She also stated that she saw Williams enter the residence after putting water on his body. Guy stated that he attempted to interview the victim, but was uncooperative.

A crime scene was established at the residence, where Crime Scene Investigator John Robinson found a black t-shirt and a pair of pants in the back yard, as well as another red plastic gas can that contained gasoline, initial police reports stated.

Detective Tyrone Campbell interviewed a third witness "who lives at the residence with the family "who stated he was inside the residence when the incident occurred. Campbell reported that Michael Tarver didn`t see what happened and made contact with the victim after the fire had been put out.

Police also attempted to locate the mother, Tangela Willis, but could not find a telephone number to reach her at. She later arrived at the scene and told police that she left her children ages, 12, 15, 13 and 17 with Tarver.

One paramedic on the scene reported that Williams` injuries appeared to be life-threatening. He was transported to Lawnwood Hospital by rescue officials before being airlifted to a burn center at Jackson County Memorial Hospital. He is currently in critical but stable condition.