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Published:April 10th, 2006 07:54 EST
The Misguided States of America: Crossing The Line

The Misguided States of America: Crossing The Line

By Sean Stubblefield

 I don’t like to repeat myself, unnecessarily. But sometimes, repetition is often useful in re-enforcing an idea in the mind. And an abundance of misguided people have made it necessary for me to repeat myself now, on the issue of illegal immigration.

Watching the news, there appear to be quite a lot of confused people— both so-called-American citizens and illegal immigrants-- who don’t seem to comprehend the meaning of and the hazard posed by Illegal Immigrants. I can tell they really don’t “get it” because they are advocating illegal immigration, either by the actions or inactions of both governors and the governed… excusing, harboring, and welcoming these fugitives or doing nothing to oppose and deport them. Some people mistakenly think this is an issue of human rights, or immigration, or racism/ nationalism, or kumbaya-tra-la-la type compassion. For those who have missed the point, this is a matter of national security.

It IS that simple.

America can’t afford to be— and shouldn’t be-- the steward or shepherd of the world.

We can barely take care of ourselves, we can’t be taking in any old stray that comes along just because we feel sorry for them. Economy is a zero sum game, which means there are limited resources, only so much to go around.

Why are we even still discussing this? It isn’t complicated, we are only making it so by confusing the issues involved.

Allow me to explain and simplify it, with two key elements in the illegal immigration debate: ILLEGAL… and IMMIGRANT.

Sort of an oxy-moron, the first part invalidates the second part. 

Particularly problematic recently, especially in southern states, is specifically illegal Hispanic immigrants, comprising the greatest proportion of illegal immigrants. It doesn’t matter what jobs they do, or if they have children born in America, or if they deserve better living/ working conditions. Whether they are Hispanic, Indian, Asian or from whatever country… if they don’t have permission to enter the house of America, they should be sorted out and escorted out. If they want to work and live within the states, and if Americans by consensus want them here, as a citizen or as a guest, then they need to be approved for access into the country. This country supposedly being a democracy, and since our government seems reluctant or unable to make a decision, maybe we should let the American people vote on this to decide.

Only three valid choices ought to be considered for allowing immigrants in America: recognized either as citizens, as guest workers, or as visitors. All of them legal.

We can’t prevent all illegal immigration completely, but this will at least make a serious effort to curtail and minimize it. Once America becomes serious about preventative maintenance, it will become more difficult for illegal border crossing to occur, and thus acting as a deterrent makes it less frequent and less likely to happen.

Send them all back across the border, and have them come back through legally.


There is misplaced concern among illegal immigrants and their supporters that the Bush Administration— assuming they can get off their self-involved, irresponsibly procrastinating asses and deal with the problem— will officially criminalize these indigents. What is it about the concept of ILLEGAL immigrants these people do not understand? Illegal immigrants, by definition, are already criminalized. Congress is debating what terms a new immigration reform bill should consist of. News broadcasts reported that over a million people have gathered in various cities to protest (as-yet-non-existent) government action against illegal immigrants. Anyone who can be shown to have knowingly employed illegal immigrants should be penalized, as accessories.

However, it is appropriate that individuals or groups who have supported, aided and abetted illegal immigrants— those who are not actively or deliberately seeking to harm anyone-- should be pardoned, not punished for just wanting/ trying to help others in need. Although, any guest worker or temporary worker program— to be effective and meaningful-- must not be nor amount to a pardon or amnesty. Such a program must require and provide applicants a means to sign a contract and either pay a hefty fee for admission, or attain temporary or permanent citizenship— with all legal and ethical rights and responsibilities thereof.

Those for illegal immigration insist the U.S. government let these people come to and stay in America without censure, because the illegal immigrants have already entrenched themselves as an important part of the American community and economy, and should have the benefits of American privileges as a basic human right.

Those against illegal immigration insist the U.S. government adopt a stronger stance against illegal immigration, denying any kind of amnesty— which would arbitrarily legalize them, because it pretends the problem doesn’t exist by renaming it, plus the fact that illegal immigrants don’t belong here, since they are here improperly, and are degrading and defying American sovereignty.


On any given day, groups of Hispanic workers in Hispanic prevalent neighborhoods can be seen on street corners, either waiting for work or simply lounging— several who will reveal or not deny they are there illegally, either in their speaking of English or the lack of it. The American government knows they are out there and ignores them, on an erroneous pretense that legal and illegal can’t be distinguished, or shouldn’t— at least not without potentially offending the Hispanic community (risking votes/ public image).

The government claims it wants to keep illegals from getting in, but does nothing to get them out when they sneak across the borders--- sending a hypocritical mixed message.

During these protest rallies, ILLEGAL immigrants are standing out in the open, quite obvious in large crowds, brazenly or cavalierly declaring and admitting their illegal status— sometimes with a MEXICAN flag (until it was recently pointed out to some what a tactical error this was, and insincerely switched to carrying American flags).

Essentially sticking their tongues out at America, they flaunt their illegal status, shamelessly and proudly waving it and Mexican flags in the face of America… because our piss poor leaders have proven their unwillingness to confront and combat these illegal border crossings. The very fact that several protestors are seen brandishing Mexican flags in their demonstrations against being denied access to America shows their true intent, their true danger to American solidarity, sanctity and stability. They aren’t here to be Americans. They aren’t interested in citizenship. Based on my observations, the majority of them don’t care about America, or being an American. What they want is to use American resources. They want American jobs, American schools, American medical facilities, American housing, and American stores. And while I don’t blame them for wanting a better quality of living found in America, they are not going through the proper channels to accomplish this entry.

Let’s be very clear on this point: These people aren’t immigrants, in the true definition of the word. A genuine immigrant seeks to integrate, to join the existing community and adopt their customs. They want to become, not merely residents, but Americans. Otherwise, if they are in this country illegally, they are either passing through, or trespassing.

Yet most of these illegal immigrants couldn’t care less about America, beyond how it could serve them. Illegal Immigrants are in America to take advantage of America, and not necessarily in the good way.

Although I won’t go so far as to describe this mass entrance as an invasion, they clearly wish to establish a foothold on American territory, transferring and transposing their culture onto ours, forming a miniature foreign nation within America. It would be more accurate to call them a blight, or a virus, deriding American culture.

A Hispanic community within America tends to bear a disturbing resemblance to their homeland, in appearance and culture, taking on the squalid attributes of whence they came, which they intended to escape. Before you criticize me for making an offensively racist or insensitive comment, drive through a Hispanic neighborhood, and you’ll see that I speak the truth. There are several such areas in Houston, Texas. Perhaps through no fault of their own, because they are invariably poor, their mere presence invariably undermines and erodes an American quality of life, and decreases property value.


Illustrating the ridiculous nature and the promiscuity of political correctness poisoning American society, the American government has taken the official position of preferring to ignore the problem for not wanting to offend, not bothering or caring even to ask a group of slovenly Hispanics loitering on the corner for proof of legal residence.

Many of these illegal immigrants are “hiding” out in the open, in plain sight.

Because they aren’t worried anymore about capture or not being noticed because they know that the American government won’t move against them for fear of violating non-existent rights.

But rather than openly reject and eject them, these pathetic American government leaders have chosen to accommodate and condone them. Many of these illegal Hispanic immigrants don’t even bother to learn English, or assimilate into American communities. Instead of instructing and expecting them to learn English— the common national language since America began, the American “government” has posted signs in Spanish, added a Spanish speaking option to automated phone menus, and require many employees to know Spanish. America’s government authorities don’t take the problem seriously, failing to defend and secure the country’s southern borders from Hispanic infiltration. Borders which they are sworn to (pre)serve and protect. And then, even worse, not just refuses to arrest these flagrantly illegal immigrants and kick them out… but also act as if these illegal immigrants are not a legitimate problem. Congress seems more worried about making political plays for power than making policy, disregarding and disrespecting not only their responsibility to America, but the American citizens themselves.

American government makes a feeble show of filtering the border, so that it looks like they are trying, but it’s only a half-assed attempt. That disingenuousness, that dereliction of duty, reduces border protection and this government to nothing more than a pitiful illusion to falsely assuage and assure the American people. And that continuation of illegal immigration, and the lax attitude behind it, endangers American security by subverting national unity, and national identity. If this is allowed to continue, we could be threatened with a civil war: The Divided States of America.

Cowardly, irresponsibly, foolishly, our piss poor government leaders have surrendered America to this occupational force.

Yes, that was a double entendre. And yes, as an American citizen, that should upset you.