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Published:July 4th, 2006 04:27 EST
Fourth of July... or Fourth of the Lie?

Fourth of July... or Fourth of the Lie?

By Ashley Palmer

On this day in 1776, we became free from religious and political restraints.

On this day in 1776, we placed those restraints on others; we began one of the most successful genocides in history.

On this day in 1776 we became more of an aristocracy than a democracy; A minority governing the majority rather than the majority governing themselves.

This fourth, like most every other, it seems America suffers from a case of political and historical amnesia.

Not naive ignorance but chosen arrogance. An arrogance that sheds us in an illusory light of purity and freedom, a country always fighting for a just cause; for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But it seems that pursuit has taken a detour. Instead of pursuing democracy, we have slowly seen our rights taken away due to our lack of action. We have pushed our own agenda on other countries in the name of justice.

They tell us it`s for our safety.

When really, it`s to mark one more thing off our political checklist they tell us it`s to help a country in need.

When really, we give no aid to others unless we somehow benefit from it we could blame the politicians.

We could.

But we have only ourselves to blame.

We allow this to go on.

Not every war was fought for freedom`s sake.

Not every law passed to ensure our safety and well being.

Not every decision made a choice to make us a better people not every cause a worthy cause.

Instead of helping the oppressed, we have become the oppressors.

Instead of being free, we have become chains.

Instead of bringing life, we have become death.

So what are we here to celebrate this Fourth of July?

Not the achievement of Truth.

Not the obtainment of freedom.

For we have thrown all of this away.

Perhaps, we celebrate choice.

The ability to choose,

to think for ourselves
to act...and to take action.
To be free...and to free others.
To live... and to give life.
Despite past mistakes.
Both deliberate and unintentional.
It`s not yet over.
We have tomorrow.
We have next year.
But perhaps most of all, we have today.
We have the power to change the Now.

This fourth, let us celebrate that change.