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Published:September 15th, 2006 09:30 EST
This Morning Montreal is Mourning

This Morning Montreal is Mourning

By Anne Laszlo Howard

It doesn't seem to matter where one is running to
the bogeyman will always catch you
Montreal is in mourning
this morning
we cry
this morning
we weep
this morning
we all wish we were somewhere else
The bogeyman shot my child and his child and her child
nineteen spirits crushed forever, one two dead
my child fell
the bogeyman was my child and yours too
he fell shot down by policeman
As if winter creeping its head wasn't bad enough
the last remnant of summer ripped from my fading golden skin by this gunman
grey, black, dark morning
good bye my sweet youths
Montreal is crying

copyrighted september 14, 2006

Anne Laszlo-Howard