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Published:October 28th, 2006 08:15 EST
Census Bureau Tip Sheet

Census Bureau Tip Sheet

By SOP newswire

Demographic Surveys

Current Population Survey Design and Methodology (Technical Paper No. 66) — The CPS — sponsored jointly by the Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics — is the country’s primary source of labor force statistics. This document describes changes made to the survey since 2000. (Tentatively scheduled for release late-October.)

America Speaks: A Demographic Profile of Foreign-Language Speakers for the United States: 2000 — National- and state-level data on who speaks English and does not, broken down by type of household, age of householder, education attainment and income. (Tentatively scheduled for release late-October.)

Current Population Survey Data Collection — In November, Census Bureau field representatives will begin visiting about 70,000 randomly selected households nationwide for the Current Population Survey's update of employment data. They will also be collecting data on participation in the November congressional elections. Labor force data will be available later this year. (Tentatively scheduled for release early-November.)


American Community Survey

2005 American Community Survey Data (selected population profiles) — The latest data show profiles of social, economic and housing characteristics for selected age, race, Hispanic or Latino origin and ancestry groups for nearly 7,000 areas, including all congressional districts and counties, cities and American Indian/Alaska Native areas of 65,000 population or more. (Scheduled for release Nov. 14.)



Economic Surveys

North American Transportation in Figures — A comprehensive overview of transportation statistics in North America. English, French and Spanish editions of the report are available, each containing more than 90 data tables supported by graphs, figures, maps and a number of appendixes. (Tentatively scheduled for release mid-November.)

2005 Annual Survey of Manufactures: Statistics for Industry Groups and Industries — Is the manufacturing workforce still diminishing? How much are manufacturers investing in plants and equipment? This survey detailing manufacturing activity includes employment and payroll, number of production workers and wages, cost of materials, value added by manufacturers, value of shipments, total capital expenditures and other measures of manufacturing. (Tentatively scheduled for release late-November.)

2005 Annual Survey of Manufactures: Product Shipments — For the first time, gasoline was the largest product class of this survey. Light trucks, utility vehicles and automobiles were among the most significant. The survey includes other data for manufactured products ranging from airplanes to zippers for the years 2002 through 2005. (Tentatively scheduled for release late-November.)

2005 Annual Survey of Manufactures: Geographic Area Statistics — State-level data for industry groups at the three-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) level. Includes statistics on employment, payroll, value added by manufacture, cost of materials consumed, value of shipments and total capital expenditures. (Tentatively scheduled for release late-November.)

Facts for Features

Holiday Season — Ho! Ho! Ho! Holiday-related facts and figures from the Census Bureau's data collection. (Tentatively scheduled for release mid-November.)




Profile America and Al Dia (Spanish) for September/October — Upcoming segments include “Halloween” (Oct. 31) and “Veterans Day” (Nov. 11). The entire set of October daily features will go live Oct. 31 at: <>.

November’s Profile America and Al Dia CDs roll out new features for added programming flexibility: 11 additional: 60 cuts for random play any time in November. Unlike the “traditional” public service features, which are day and date specific, these extra cuts are generic to the month, and so can be aired any day in November.

The URL for the daily or monthly mp3 downloads is the same for the page you use to establish subscription podcast access:
This is where the proposed wav files will appear, as well.

Profile America and Al Dia daily features can all be auditioned and downloaded individually and — newly available — by the entire month via zip files at <>.

Recently Released

(Since October 13, 2006)


Demographic Surveys

Educational Attainment in the United States: 2005 — 10/26/06 —
Internet address: <>

2006 State and Metropolitan Area Data Book — 10/25/06 — Internet address:

Educational Attainment and School Enrollment: 2000 — 10/19/06 — Internet address:


Facts for Features

Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 23) — 10/19/06 — Internet address:



Briefing Video

“America’s Changing, So is the Census” (5:45) — This video covers the American Community Survey, which is now being conducted in every community across the country, every month. It offers communities a fresh look at how they are changing, and much more. “America’s Changing…” is available for viewing as video-on-demand, via the Public Information Office, Broadcast Services, Web site. A complete script is also available at a single click. Go to <>.
For more information, please e-mail us at <>.

SOURCE:  U.S. Census Bureau