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Published:October 29th, 2006 03:00 EST
Nuclear Whipping Boy/What's To Know?

Nuclear Whipping Boy/What's To Know?

By Justin Brandt

I write better when I am partially unwell, medicinally-- in this case, a few extra doses of Nyquil, nothing serious. And one day, I will surely collapse under the weight of my own pretentiousness, but for now, I want to know what you all really know...

I hate patriotism because even though the country you care so much about was here before you were (Unless you are in the Balkan peninsula), and will still be there long after you are gone (unless you are Israeli and we waste any more troops in Iraq), there was a time when that country did not exist, and there will be a time later when the country is just history once again. Countries are not sacred or perfect, or really much of anything until we say they are, and (for whatever reason) decide to believe it. America is an ideal, nothing more, nothing less; and one day someone else will call that ideal by a different name (If they are smart they will just call it freedom)

If you don't love America, get out...

Good, ok, yeah, and go where? No speck of land on this planet is not owned by a country. Don't be a moron. Thinking for yourself means not falling into patriotism as much as not blindly following cult leaders.

Now, I am not an anarchist. I am just not blindly sentimental either. I understand countries are, not so much a necessity (though possibly), but certainly an eventuality. Three million years of evolution have gone into organizing smaller participants into a functioning whole, and then the multiple wholes organize into yet another whole. Nations are an unavoidable step. But I do not have to care about any of them.

The point I am trying to make, through this haze of head discomforts and cough medicine, is that you cannot trust anyone but your own judgment; so why put all your faith into a destructible flag?

In North Korea, only government run television or radio is ever broadcast. The good North Korean people are only taught that America is a constant violent threat, and that gaining nuclear weapons is positive because it keeps them safer from our war-mongering. They have the most controlled media in the world...

But who tells them they have the most controlled media on the planet? Well, no one. They are told they are the freest country in the world.

Who tells you that they you the most controlled media in the world?

Well, no one; you would be told you have more freedom than anyone else.

It is not that I actually think that is the case, nor am I planning to drill a hole in my head to let out the demons, but if that were the case, you wouldn't know it. And you would be telling me to love my god and government just the same as you do now; as if you know what's true or what's controlled.

Because you really don't know. You're really just a flag waving jackass who likes the pretty colors and flashing lights on the Fourth of July.

I do not love anything other than freedom. As soon as you put another name on it, and require my devotion, count me out. I will fight for freedom of the land and its people, but do not ask me to be patriotic. No nation is forever.

You love America, they love Mother Russia, she loves the North Korea, and he loves Iran that guy loved Troy. Good luck with that, buddy.

For the vast majority of America's history, it has not been a free nation; we had slaves, we locked Japanese people locked up just for being Japs, we had Jim Crowe laws, we had massive communist witch-hunts, we had fruitless political wars, and entire history books worth of lies, scandals and massacres. We have also been singing "The land of the free" since 1776. You believed it then, too, so what makes you smart and better and finally right now? Not a goddamn thing; you've just been taught to say it.

I just realized I can never be President now.

If I work at Prudential, I don't have to love Prudential, but I should still be able to become President if I'm qualified and can run the company well.

I will join the armed forces when it's not a political tool, and only being sent to kill and die because if I do not, we lose our "freedom".

I'm already collapsing under my pretentiousness. Damn, I thought it would take longer. Time to bask in it.

Nations are notions, the lines do not exist, and there are only people and their beliefs. If you let a few people tell you what you believe, then you are their patriots.