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Published:January 7th, 2007 06:55 EST
U.S. Census Bureau Tip Sheet

U.S. Census Bureau Tip Sheet

By SOP newswire

Demographics Surveys

A Child’s Day: 2003 — Only the third time the Census Bureau has examined what makes up a child’s day, from eating breakfast with parents to watching television to participating in school activities. This is national-level data from the Survey of Income and Program Participation. (Tentatively scheduled for release early January.)

Economics Surveys


Survey Related

2005 Service Annual Survey — Series of reports on several industries beginning with Truck Transportation, Couriers and Messengers, and Warehousing and Storage, which tracks business activity and revenues for firms that haul, warehouse and deliver America’s freight. Other reports will cover service sectors, including information, finance, health care, professional and administrative, and support industries. (Tentatively scheduled for release throughout January. )

Facts for Features

Super Bowl XLI (Special Edition) — Facts and figures from the Census Bureau's demographic subject areas relating to the 41st edition of our nation's most celebrated sporting event. Includes data from Miami, site of the big game, as well as cities represented by the two NFL teams. (Tentatively scheduled for release Jan. 22.)

St. Patrick’s Day and Irish-American Heritage Month — It’s a bit o’ the Irish. You’ll feel like wearing the green after you utilize this compendium of statistical information from the Census Bureau’s demographic and economic subject areas. The facts pertain to St. Patrick’s Day 2007 and Americans of Irish ancestry. (Tentatively scheduled for release mid-January.)




Profile America and Al Dia (Spanish) for January/February — Upcoming segments include: “Rid the World of Fad Diets & Gimmicks Day” (Jan. 23) and the “First Movie Studio” (Feb. 1). The entire set of January daily features is available at <>. The entire set of February daily features will be available for direct downloads, beginning Jan. 31.

A special edition of Profile America for Black History Month 2007 (February) is beginning distribution to regular Profile America subscribers. MP3 and WAV audio files of this special edition will soon be available at <>

Please note that Profile America and Al Dia CDs bear new features for added programming flexibility: alternate 60-second versions of daily features during the month. The December online and CD offerings include both 60- and 30-second cuts for random airings.

The URL for the daily or monthly MP3 downloads is the same for the page you use to establish subscription podcast access:
<>. This is where the proposed WAV files will appear, as well.

Profile America and Al Dia daily features can all be auditioned and downloaded individually and — newly available — by the entire month via zip files at <>.

Recently Released

(Since Dec. 22, 2006)

Demographic Surveys

New Year’s Day Population — Dec. 28 — Internet address:

State Population Estimates: July 1, 2006 — Dec. 22 — Internet address:


Facts for Features

Women’s History Month: March 2007 — Jan. 4 — Internet address:





Profile America and Al Dia (Spanish) for December/January — Recently released Profile America segments include: “The Howdy Doody Show” Premieres (Dec. 27), and the First Woman Governor (Jan. 5).


Briefing Video

“America’s Changing, So is the Census” (5:45) — This video covers the American Community Survey, which is now being conducted in every community across the country, every month. It offers communities a fresh look at how they are changing, and much more. “America’s Changing” is available for viewing as video-on-demand, via the Public Information Office, Broadcast Services, Web site. A complete script is also available at a single click. Go to <>.
For more information, please e-mail us at <>.

TV News

“American Community Survey B-Roll” (#V07-027) (13:25) — An updated version of The U.S. Census Bureau’s official stock shot reel of ACS survey-taking scenes. This reel features a variety of settings in which these field operations are conducted — including scenes in English and Spanish. Review and order the B-Roll via the online American Community Survey News Media Too Kit: <>