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Published:March 2nd, 2007 18:02 EST
Volunteer At the Food Depository

Volunteer At the Food Depository

By Paige Hussey

People should volunteer at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Most people are unaware of all the great benefits that come from volunteering at the Food Depository. At the Greater Chicago Food Depository, for each hour that someone puts in for his or her service, money goes to a foundation of the person’s choice. For example, many people put in their service hours to their churches, universities, and even Starbucks! Besides helping the hungry, people help other organizations as well. Another benefit is a volunteer can ask for a letter of recognition from the Food Depository. If there are people in middle schools or high schools, those letters are counted in volunteering when he or she applies to colleges. Another reason to volunteer is it is actually a lot of fun.

There are many different projects people are able to take part in. Volunteers can work with produce, cereal, bread, or working the flex line. In addition, when volunteering often, many people make friends. Volunteers usually come on one Saturday a month as individuals or in groups of up to 50 people! Each session is three hours long; and with all the hard work people do and acquaintances they meet, it makes the time go by much faster.

The Food Depository even has “Kids’ Days” where there are child-friendly projects for younger volunteers in elementary schools. People should volunteer because they are helping an enormous amount of starving people in Cook County. Close to 500,000 people each year, rely on emergency and supplemental food provided by the Food Depository.        

About 33% of the people the Food Depository serves are children under 18 years old; 9% are homeless; and 10% are 65 years old or older. People can even volunteer in the annual Hunger Walk which helps the Food Depository’s network of 600 soup kitchens. A few hours out of a person’s day to come to the Greater Chicago Food Depository will feed families all over Cook County. Volunteering provides so many benefits for a person, it is full of fun activities, and helps feed the hungry in Cook County. There can never be too many volunteers at the Greater Chicago Food Depository.