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Published:May 22nd, 2007 04:56 EST
Not Just On Memorial Day

Not Just On Memorial Day

By Carolee Kaufold

From the start of time, men and women fought for what they believed in. They were ready to stand on the front lines and be brave. Today, we hang our American Flags, go to cemetery and salute the ones that were called and chosen to military service. If they were at Bunker Hill, Iwo Jima, at Viet Nam or Pearl Harbor we commemorate them. If they were at Iran, Bosnia or Kosova, we wrote them, we sent them prayers and we honored them on their return.

As they leave their homes, families and loved ones, we hold them in our hearts. That day is a reminder of what a hero is. It is someone that will step up to the plate and give their best. It is the son, daughter, sister or brother that makes us proud. It is the spouse that leaves their household responsibleness to do the country's work.

We have parades, picnics and concerts to honor our Servicemen and Women. We give welcome home medals to them. We beam with pride when we shake their hand. It is a National Holiday. There is no school, no banking and no trash pick up. That is so we can take a little time to think about the courage they have given in our name.

As the sun is going down on every night, think about the past and present fighting men and women of America. It is because of their diligence that we are free!