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Published:November 1st, 2007 09:38 EST
U.S. Defense Program; Made in Taiwan

U.S. Defense Program; Made in Taiwan

By James Griffin (Mentor)

1) The United States enters into a mutual defense pact with Taiwan giving us control of critical shipping routes. China Considers Taiwan a part of their territory but has no amphibious assault capability to do anything about it.
2) Bill Clinton accepts money from the People's Republic of China.

3) The Republic of China "steals" our nuclear technology (shortly after we return them to most favored nation trade status).

4) U.S. Intel. uncovers a document titled "Unrestricted Warfare" outlining the use of the American legal system, Terrorist groups and the A.C.L.U. (Formerly known as the American Communist labor Union) to destabilize our government.

5) Russia and China enter into joint military exercises. Russia has but cannot fund a very large amphibious assault fleet.

6) China puts a man in space sending us the same message the Soviet Union did in the early arms race ("We can reach out and touch you now").

7) Russia (Now headed by a former KGB man) starts to Saber Rattle and complain about out European Missile defense Policy).

Want to guess what comes next?