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Published:November 3rd, 2007 04:30 EST
Biofuel Kills Ducks, Gator Charges Dropped, Russia Hunter Cleared

Biofuel Kills Ducks, Gator Charges Dropped, Russia Hunter Cleared

By Texas Fish and Game

The November issue of Texas Fish & Game magazine (TF&G) exposes the evils of “biofuel,” a black eye to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) in an alleged “illegal” alligator kill, and a Houston man exonerated in a federal case involving helicopter-based hunting in Russia.

“We’re in a situation right now where we can ensure the future of waterfowl and waterfowl hunting for future generations, or we could lose a big portion of what we have,” said TF&G executive editor, Chester Moore.

As detailed in the TF&G November issue, one of the big concerns is the push for ethanol or "biofuel” that is luring many farmers to turn land currently dedicated to wildlife into cornfields.

“The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) that sets aside farm land for conservation is crucial to duck populations. It has added about 2 million ducks to the fall flight each year since 1992, and about 2 million acres are up for renewal now. If a bunch of these landowners get off the CRP program and go into corn production, the results will be extremely problematic for ducks and duck hunters,” Moore said.

The article also tackles other environmental consequences of the “biofuel” craze.

“As you’ll see in my column, the ramifications of the push for these ‘biofuels’ could be dire for waterfowl,” Moore said.

Also in the November issue, the county prosecutor, citing “lack of evidence,” dropped charges in a case TPWD filed against an East Texas hunter and his guides who killed a record book alligator earlier this year. TPWD remains adamant in refusing to release information about the investigation despite Open Records Act requests, citing “on-going investigation” status.

“I am not sure what is up with this case, but information from several sources suggests a ‘vendetta’ against at least one of the guides involved,” said TF&G editor-in-chief Don Zaidle. “TPWD law enforcement can claim ‘ongoing investigation’ status in this case for up to two years--the statute of limitations on a Class C Misdemeanor. I am not yet prepared to call ‘cover-up,’ but something strange is definitely afoot here. I also question the amount of resources and manpower TPWD is investing in an investigation of a Class C Misdemeanor.”

A Houston billionaire accused of violating the federal Lacey Act stemming from a 2002 hunting trip in Russia, where the man admitted shooting a moose and wild sheep from a helicopter, was exonerated of all charges. Federal prosecutors instead secured an indictment against the man’s U.S.-based guide/outfitter Robert Kern, head of The Hunting Consortium in Berryville, Virginia, for importing wildlife obtained in violation of any country's laws, as provided by the Lacey Act.

Read the full details in the November issue of Texas Fish & Game.



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